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    i've stolen a thread from the celtic forum i use because i thought it might be interesting over in the U.S. where you have more sports that are popular whereas over here its basically all about football and everything else is a distant second. anyway i've copied and pasted my response so any team that doesn't have the sport in brackets afterwards is football/soccer

    first two are out on their own, likewise the third though trailing the 'tic and alba is way beyond the rest then its kind of close down to 8

    1 celtic
    2 scotland

    3 dallas cowboys (nfl)

    4 scotland (rugby)
    5 germany
    6 marseille
    7 glasgow warriors (rugby)
    8 west brom

    after here i'm struggling. i tend to like seeing the german teams do well in europe and if i had to pick one it would be munchen tho i was happy to see wolfsburg win the league this year and like to see bremen do well. if i was forced to pick another four then it would probably be as follows. obviously scotland playing any old sport is liable to supplant a fair percentage of my list (depending on the sport 66 % of it)

    9 munster (rugby)
    10 houston texans (nfl)
    11 san diego chargers (nfl)
    12 bayern munich
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    1) Swindon Town (yeah I know, nobody here's ever heard of them)

    2) England (at anything, even tiddly winks), but in order Football (sorry, Soccer), Rugby, Cricket.

    3) Cowboys

    4) Swindon Robins (Speedway)
    5) Sheff Weds
    6) Bath (Rugby)
    7) Any English team (even the scousers) playing in Europe

    After this, I struggle to pick anyone.

    Now if you had a list of teams I despise with a passion, that's a long list :D

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