Top 16 bestest teams in the NFL

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Dumbsheet, Oct 28, 2008.

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    It's that mid pointway in the season so its time to look back and see who the best teams are from first to sixteenth.

    1. Giants - They are the defending superbowl champions after all and they went on THE ROAD and beat possibly the best team in the AFC on Sunday night. They are the best for now.

    2. Titans - I thougth they was overrated until last night. Wow, i'm convinced now. They are for real.

    3. Pittsubrgh - In spite of bad injuries and suspensions, they still play extremely tough. They had a set back on Sunday, but agains the best team in the NFL. Unfortunatley their schedule gets tough soon when the face teams like the Cowboys, Titans, Pats and Colts.

    4. Cowboys - Showed something that they could still win in spite of missing like 80% of their starters.

    5. Patriots - Yes they lost Brady, but they are still 5-2. The rest of their team just may be THAT strong.

    6. TAmpa Bay - Have to like what this team is doing, and in a tough NFC South.

    7. Carolina - They lead the south, but I still think the Bucs will take it in the end. Even though they are 6-2, they've had some real ugly games. Too inconsistent to be top 5 in my book.

    8. San Diego - Real good team, with a real dumb coach. Evnetually i think the team overcomes the coach's inability to get an erection and will win the AFC West.

    9. Eagles - Now that Wesbrook is back healthy, expect them to come on strong. Could challenge the cowboys for 2nd place if Dallas doesn't get healthy down the stretch.

    10. Baltimore - I know, i know. But they still have a good defense and I think will suprise some people, if they haven't already.

    11. Bufallo - They've fallen a bit in recent weeks, but a real weak remaining schedule helps their prognosis.

    12. Chicago - Hard to read this team, they seem real tough at times, but at other times they leave you're head scratching. I like them to out duel an inexperienced Green Bay team to eventually take the NFC North in the end though.

    13. Colts - They are struggling mightly and Manning may be hurt. But i think they still have HUGE amounts of talent and will turn things around in the second half. If they make the playoffs, i think they will be a potential surprise team. Look out.

    14. Arizona - If only they had a defense.

    15. Saints - If only they had a defense part II.

    16. Atlanta - Lot of teams stuck in the middle here. Is Denver mediocre enough to rise to the top half? Will Jets ever get any respect? ANd can anyone figure out the Jags? But the falcons have had some real impressive wins that make you go hmmm (the Bears and at Green Bay for one), so i give them the nod as the last best team in the top half of the 32-team league.

    As for the rest of the 16 losers, i say shoot them all and let God sort them out.

    So let me know watt you think!
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    Redskins fans: :troll:
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    LOL. These "power rankings" are about as accurate as those picking a Cowboys Superbowl win this year :laugh2:
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    stupid post, followed by stupid skin fans

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    Yet you couldn't resist chiming in... :D
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    Wow..........good one, quick run to ES and tell them about your sick burn.
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    The Packers aren't on this list. Yet they absolutely bushwhacked Indianpolis and are going to beat Tennesse this weekend.

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