Top 5 Cowboy CB's the last 30 years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Jun 29, 2014.

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    You can write whatever you want.
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    I know. I know. You would not understand what i meant anyways nor would it make you think deeper about what you wrote.

    But at least i tried.
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    And the 99% other times they faced each other, Rice shut him down I'm guessing.
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    Kevin Smith Pre Injury was really good and had the potential to be great- but we will never know.

    Tnew 2005-2007 was a top 10 CB in the league and nearly top 5. But I think our coaches never really used him to his greatest advantage.
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    Kevin Smith was targetted with a whole bunch of BS calls after his achilles tear. If he stayed healthy, with Deion on the other side, it would have been something truly special. The guy was a shut-down corner and he made Jerry Rice, the best WR ever, very frustrated. It was hilarious watching the dynasty years,
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    Kevin Smith was great
    Everson Walls was a turnover machine, but he'd give up two long touchdowns for every interception.
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    In Marv Albert voice
    "Yes, the bottom five!"
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    Dennis Thurman didn't play a lot of CB by my memory....was a better safety after moving.

    I think Larry Brown is extremely underrated because Kevin Smith before injury and Deon after injury were shut down corners, but that sent a lot of passes Brown's way and he was always considered 2nd tier to those two studs. Still, we won SB's with him manning one side,and if you watch those SB's being replayed on NFL Network, he was physical and usually right there...a very good player.
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    Mel Renfro didn't do squat for the Dallas Cowboys on the field in the last 30 years.
  10. Alexander

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    Kareem Larrimore is not getting his proper respect. Same goes for Bruce Thornton.
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    One player who I thought played well for the Cowboys his only season in Dallas was Ryan McNeil.
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    Your thread title says the last "30 years" but you start by saying you've been following the Cowboys for 38 years and was thinking about the CB's we've had over that time and decided to list your top 5. You end by saying remember this is the last 30 years so which is it the last 38 years or last 30 years? If you're listing CB's from the last 38 years Renfro would have to rank second behind Deion.

    Renfro had only one fewer int (52) than Deion who had 53 and both players are in the HOF. If you're going to list CB's from the last 30 years Deion would again top the list followed by Everson Walls in my opinion. Walls had 57 career int's 43 of them came with the Cowboys. He had an amazing 11 int's his rookie year. The only knock on him is he only returned one career int for a score.
  13. Alexander

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    That sounds about right for Newman. He was good, but not great.

    Had you posted this around four years ago, this would be a ten page thread complete with plenty of scolding for you being a bad fan.
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    So going back 30 years or more, here are some forgotton names. Even if some only a year or two.

    Ron Francis
    Ron Fellows
    Benny Barnes
    Herb Adderly
    Charlie waters, before he moved to S
    Cornelius Green, before he moved to S

    a few others that were ok, Manny Hendrix, Robert Williams, and even Mike Jenkins.
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    I agree was never a Newman fan. He had terrible ball skills and dropped a number of easy int opportunities. When he did pick off a pass he got very little return yards out of them opting to head out of bounds. Most of his int's were a result of poorly thrown passes that came directly to him. Rarely did he ever jump a route because he always played not to get beat. He would give receivers plenty of cushion allowing them to catch balls in front of him which is why he wasn't giving up many TD's early in his career. It took 5 years before he had his first pick-six. Another knock I had on him was he never played as fast as his 4.37 40 time.

    Saw him get run down several times after an int one particular time was vs Buffalo in 07 on a Monday Night game. He picked off a pass and had clear sailing to the end zone 70 yards away and was at least 5 yards ahead of the nearest defender and got caught by 2 players Lee Evens (granted he had great speed) and an RB who wasn't a speed burner. Early in his career he couldn't chase down an RB who broke free for a TD that's when several on the board I was posting on at the time started questioning his speed. He was a solid corner but not the playmaker he was billed to be coming out of college. Even as a punt returner he wasn't anything special.
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    Then put me on ignore and stop reading my posts. I post the truth you can't stand hearing the truth.
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    You're right. The OP says 38 years (in his first post), which takes us back to 1976, I believe. So Renfro isn't counted ... but that's sort of like looking at a Cowboys QB list that fails to include Staubach, so I think that's why it registered wrongly with some of us.
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    He took a lot of chances which is why he had so many int's.
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    It seems like you just don't like the guy...

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