Top 5 Cowboy CB's the last 30 years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Jun 29, 2014.

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    Deion was not just a fantastic CB - perhaps one the best the league has ever seen in terms of pure coverage skills, but also one of the best football players I have ever seen. In 1996 with Irvin suspended, he stepped in and put in serious time at WR. There are so few players capable of something like that.
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    I started my list with Sanders and then lost interest.

    Get down with the sickness.
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    I assume Renfro was not eligible for his list of 30 years.
    He he was, I agree that he is maybe right behind Samders.
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    Even if Renfro was eligible for his list over the last 38 years which was the OP's original time frame he would have a tough time cracking the top 5 because the last 38 years would only cover Renfro's last 2 seasons when he was past his prime. On an all-time top 5 Cowboys CB list Renfro would rank #1 in my opinion because he had more int's as a "Cowboy" than any Cowboys corner and he was elected to the HOF based on his career with the Cowboys.

    Although Deion is arguably the greatest CB in NFL history only 14 of his career high 53 int's came as a Cowboy. Deion's HOF career was built on what he accomplished in Atlanta, SF and Dallas. Deion made his biggest impact statistically in Atlanta where he picked off 24 of his career high 53 int's. He returned 3 int's for scores in his 5 years with the Falcons and returned 2 int's for scores in his 5 years in Dallas.
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    Yeah, I already made the argument for Sanders having a great career in Atlanta in another thread.
    And said all that you just said there.
    No denying he was great there.

    I do also think he was great in Dallas.
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    Which is also why he gave up so many big plays
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    That's what happens to corners who gamble a lot and don't have great speed. When a receiver got a step on Walls he didn't have the speed to recover.
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    This thread just proves how a good dline can make a CB look better than they are. Thats why just about everyone's list of players played with a good pass rush in front of them and its why we cant make a good case for a CB outside of 2000.

    IMO before Deion showed up we had a better trio of safeties (Washington-Woodson-Marion) than CB's (Smith-Brown-Holt).

    I'll duck in 3.....2...1....... lol
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    Smith was fantastic pre achilles
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    Dang you. I had a mouthful of cheeseburger when reading this. Now I need a new keyboard.
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    Agree with that one big time. He had a great year for us but the team went 5-11 and were in the early stages of facing the cap for Deion/Irvin and Aikman that next off season after he retired (was released). Underrated player/pickup...
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    Any list has to include Bryant Westbrook! He didn't give up a completion after the first game of the season. Lolol

    Kevin Smith was good. Could you imagine him healthy playing opposite Deion! Wow we woulda been good.
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    Mo Claiborne has to be there somewhere :)

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