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    Ourlads' Top 64 NFL Draft 2005

    February 27, 2005

    The letter (U) after the prospect’s name designates an underclassman

    No. Player Pos. School Height Weight 40 Time
    1 Ronnie Brown RB Auburn 5116 231 4.46
    A complete package of height, weight, quickness and speed with solid running & receiving skills.

    2 Braylon Edwards WR Michigan 6025 209 4.46
    Feature receiver who will lay out and go after ball. Good run after catch ability.

    3 Antrel Rolle DC Miami (FL) 6000 205 4.48
    Verified speed will solidify top 5 ranking.

    4. Mike Williams WR USC 6050 231 4.58
    Great workouts and mid-4.5 speed will send his stock soaring.

    5. Carnell Williams RB Auburn 5101 217 4.47
    Undersized explosive back who has a powerful lower body and good hands. Durability???

    6. Derrick Johnson OLB Texas 6026 231 4.56
    Speedy downhill linebacker who has sideline to sideline range. Best when covered up.

    7. Carlos Rogers DC Auburn 6000 195 4.46
    Strong cover skills and good feet. Improved run support.

    8. Cedric Benson RB Texas 5100 220
    (reportedly 241 at combine) 4.51
    Four years of 1000 yard consistency and yards after contact are offset by ball security problems.

    9. Marcus Spears DE LSU 6033 302 5.04
    Versatile lineman with big hands and long arms who can play anywhere along the front.

    10. Marlin Jackson DC Michigan 6002 200 4.49
    Physical press corner or safety should start immediately.

    11. Aaron Rodgers (U) QB California 6020 200 4.75
    Ball control passer with accuracy and touch. Good decision maker who can escape rush.

    12. Shawne Merriman (U) OLB/DE Maryland 6040 245 4.70
    Relentless and aggressive pass rusher who is an impact hitter.

    13. Alex Smith (U) QB Utah 6040 200 4.75
    Lightly recruited out of high school. Productive in QB showcase offense. Do wide eyes say too much too fast?

    14. David Pollack DE Georgia 6022 260 4.71
    Hell bent for leather undersized pass rusher.

    15. Thomas Davis (U) SS Georgia 6010 229 4.49
    Bone crushing safety who hits like a linebacker and covers like a corner.

    16. Shaun Cody DT USC 6035 293 4.95
    Explosive blue collar worker with good instincts and hand use.

    17. Heath Miller (U) TE Virginia 6050 254 4.70
    Big target with soft hands and athletic ability. Effective position blocker.

    18. Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin 6027 317 5.19
    Every down DT who can push the pocket in pass rush and anchor versus the run.

    19. Dan Cody DE Oklahoma 6035 265 4.91
    Speedy edge rusher who has an upfield burst. High motor relentless player.

    20. Marcus Johnson OT Mississippi 6057 313 5.25
    Versatile offensive lineman who played OG in college and could contribute at four line spots.

    21. Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma 5096 187 4.46
    Explosive playmaker who was the best player in the Senior Bowl.

    22. Alex Barron LOT Florida State 6072 323 5.21
    Big athletic left tackle with long limbs and quick feet.

    23. Reggie Brown WR Georgia 6011 194 4.49
    One of the Senior Bowl stars. Proved that he can separate from the defender and adjust to deep ball.

    24. Jammal Brown ROT Oklahoma 6050 315 5.26
    Good athlete who uses his hands effectively in pass protection. Improved run blocking in 2004.

    25. Justin Miller (U) DC/RS Clemson 5110 200 4.47
    Confident explosive corner who can close quickly on ball in air. Has good return skills.

    26. Elton Brown OG Virginia 6043 331 5.31
    Soft and athletic wide body who is good in space. Leaving the Sr. Bowl and Combine early won’t help.

    27. Adam Jones (U) WR/RS West Virginia 5100 185 4.48
    Undisciplined fast corner who holds a lot. Will throw his body around on support. Good return skills.

    28. Demarcus Ware DE/OB Troy 6035 247 4.56
    Speed rusher with a good burst to close on QB. He has pass rush tools.

    29. Kevin Burnett OLB Tennessee 6030 235 4.61
    Active sideline to sideline player who is instinctive and productive.

    30. Matt Roth DE/OLB Iowa 6031 263 4.77
    Explosive upfield player who plays with good leverage.

    31. Corey Webster DC LSU 5112 197 4.56
    Excellent cover skills. Slow 40 time could drop him into 2nd round.

    32. Barrett Ruud ILB Nebraska 6017 240 4.65
    Instinctive downhill player who has a nose for the ball.

    33. Alex Smith TE Stanford 6036 257 4.77
    Big strong tight end who is not easy to tackle. Good hands and position wall off blocker.

    34. Khalif Barnes OT Washington 6051 304 4.96
    Underachiever who is athletic and has good feet. Needs more intensity. More athlete than player???

    35. Erasmus James DE Wisconsin 6041 261 4.78
    Has never played a full season without injury. Boom or bust prospect.

    36. Troy Williamson (U) WR South Carolina 6020 200 4.45
    Vertical speed receiver who was the SEC’s best deep threat in 2004. Has a lot to learn.

    37. Luis Castillo DT Northwestern 6026 305 4.92
    Explosive and sudden first move. Penetrator with good change of direction.

    38. Charlie Frye QB Akron 6031 222 4.81
    Ascending player who is strong and tough. Poised leader who keeps his eyes downfield.

    39. Travis Johnson DT Florida State 6037 290 5.00
    Inconsistent player. Is he a one-year wonder or a budding star??

    40. Jeremy Parquet OT Southern Miss 6062 318 5.28
    Tall rangy tackle with good agility and reactions to counter moves.

    41. Roddy White WR AL-Birming. 6011 204 4.45
    Smooth receiver with vertical speed and athletic ability.

    42. Eric Green DC VA Tech 5105 188 4.45
    A competitive and athletic corner with good cover skills.

    43. Odell Thurman (U) ILB Georgia 6000 230 4.75
    A young Ray Lewis? An athletic & explosive hitter who runs through his tackles.

    44. Jason Campbell QB Auburn 6041 228 4.69
    Ascending athletic QB who is poised and can throw under pressure.

    45. Brandon Browner (U) DC Oregon State 6034 205 4.50
    A tall and strong press type corner who majors in man-to-man coverage.

    46. Roscoe Parrish (U) WR/RS Miami (FL) 5084 175 4.38
    Explosive receiver and returner who can turn a game around in one play.

    47. Kyle Orton QB Purdue 6035 226 5.05
    Strong armed QB with good accuracy and ball placement.

    48. Darryl Blackstock (U) OLB Virginia 6034 235 4.65
    Rangy outside backer who is speedy and athletic. Needs more upper and lower strength.

    49. Ernest Shazor (U) SS Michigan 6040 226 4.53
    Big physical strong safety who has speed and range. May be an OLB projection.

    50. Justin Tuck (U) DE Notre Dame 6050 261 4.65
    Best on an edge. Athletic pass rusher who needs more upper and lower body strength.

    51. Jonathan Babineaux DT Iowa 6017 279 4.74
    Athletic lineman who can quickly turn speed into power. Has a sudden first step.

    52. Mike Patterson NT USC 5113 290 5.07
    High motor, great effort player who finishes every play. Undersized with rare ability.

    53. Channing Crowder (U) ILB Florida 6024 245 4.65
    Sideline to sideline athlete who takes good angles and has good natural ability and knee bend.

    54. CJ Mosley (U) DT Missouri 6030 305 5.00
    Thick wide-bodied push the pocket tackle who is explosive on an inside edge.

    55. Cedric Houston RB Tennessee 5102 225 4.54
    Slashing running back who split time at Tennessee. Good vision and running skills.

    56. Adam Snyder OG Oregon 6043 313 5.46
    Former tackle with average foot mobility but is an effective position blocker.

    57. Chris Kemoeatu OG Utah 6035 340 5.37
    Powerful player with a stunning punch. Controls defenders with his hands.

    58. Bryant McFadden DC Florida State 5115 187 4.53
    Confident competitor with good quickness and ball skills.

    59. Ray Willis OT Florida State 6052 320 5.26
    Wide body run blocker with good quickness and pass pro skills.

    60. Stanley Wilson DC Stanford 5111 186 4.34
    Has the speed and athletic ability to contribute early in his career.

    61. Chris Spencer (U) OC Mississippi 6037 305 5.00
    Athletic center with active feet and good balance. Raw skills.

    62. Bill Swancutt DE Oregon State 6036 266 4.85
    Edge pass rusher who plays hard. Needs more overall strength.

    63. Vernand Morency (U) RB Oklahoma State 5100 215 4.51
    Downhill runner with good balance and strength. Bender/weaver type.

    64. Mike Nugent K Ohio State 5090 179 4.72
    Best kicker in draft. Shouldn’t get out of second round.
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    Adam Jones #27? That is hilarious! Wait until he runs a sub 4.3 during his pro day workout on March 14th! Our Lads needs to put that crack pipe down! LOL!
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    I would like Pac man better if I ever heard of him b4, all this draft talk.... I guess no one passed his way so we don't know what he is capable of
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    Actually, Ourlads is just about the best at rating players that I've come across... at least, they're the best I've found since Joel Buchsbaum from Pro Football Weekly died...
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    They think Marlin Jackson is the 10th best player on the board? I'd argue he isn't even in the top 5 CBs. Running a 4.58 40 isn't going to shoot you up the draft boards.
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    How are we supposed to get him in the 4th???
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    Adam "Pac man" Jones is rated as a top 10 pick on most boards Q. If you haven't heard of him shame on you :)

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