Top "needs" on the roster

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Apr 12, 2014.

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    OG is a need for depth. It's semantics but 'critical' in my eye means there is no starter. We have decent starters at guard. We have a wish and a prayer at S and DE. Wilcox, Heath, Bass and Crawford are all prospects but none have proven they can play much less start.
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    I just dont think JJ knows how to build a championship team. He knows how to market his product. And he knows how to get his mug on TV. He just doesnt have a philosophy for drafting thats conducive to winning and staying in the playoffs. You need defensive front 7. You need O Linemen. Those teams which concentrate on those things are always good teams. Stop the other guys and force your will on them (passing or running doesnt matter its all about dictating the tempo and executing).

    However his concentration on marketing and spin dictates that he takes flashy players high in the draft like CBs, RBs, TEs, pass rushers, etc. So he can sell his product to the masses. Which gets you bad o line and defensive front 7 cause you are spending all your high draft choices on flashy players.

    With Tyron Smith and Travis Fredrick being picked recently im actually kinda hopeful that we get some guys for the long haul. I just dont trust Jerry to keep this up very long. Especially if this year ends up the way i think it will and we finish 5-11 or 4-12.

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