Top ten players on our roster

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sean50Lee, Jul 15, 2013.

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  2. TheFinisher

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    good list

    My crack at it, with a little projecting for 2013:

    1. DeMarcus Ware
    2. Dez Bryant
    3. Sean Lee
    4. Mo Claiborne
    5. Tony Romo
    6. Bruce Carter
    7. Jason Witten
    8. Brandon Carr
    9. Anthony Spencer
    10. Demarco Murray
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  3. Teague31

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    No particular order:
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  4. Blast From The Past

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    Nice to see some love given to the kicker Dan Bailey! I agree with you on his inclusion.
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  5. Eskimo

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    1. Romo
    2. Dez
    3. Ware
    4. Witten
    5. Lee
    6. Mo
    7. Austin
    8. Carter
    9. Spencer
    10. Hatcher
  6. fffiasco

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    Dez Bryant
    Demarcus Ware
    Tony Romo
    Jason Witten
    Sean Lee
    Anthony Spencer
    Demarco Murray
    Bruce Carter
    Brandon Carr
    Tyron Smith
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  7. AsthmaField

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    1. Dez Bryant
    2. Tony Romo
    3. Sean Lee
    4. DeMarcus Ware
    5. Tyron Smith
    6. Jason Witten
    7. Bruce Carter
    8. Mo Claiborne
    9. Brandon Carr
    10. Anthony Spencer

    Dez is first because he's such a special athlete and I've never quite seen anyone with his combination of athleticism, power, coordination and desire.

    There are quite a few players who I considered for the top 10 that didn't quite make it. After this year, I have a feeling some of them will go ahead and move up into that upper tier of players, possibly including a rookie or two if they play like I think they can.

    The last few drafts have been very good.
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  8. Sean50Lee

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    I agree he's great for this team. It's nice to have a kicker who's coincidence and clutch, you really don't ever have to worry about him.
  9. dboyz

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    T. Smith
  10. Toruk_Makto

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  11. xwalker

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    Seven replies and nobody had a problem with the title of this thread? It's becoming a kind and gentle zone.
  12. dstovall5

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    My projection for the 2013 season

    1 Dez
    2 Romo
    3 Ware
    4 Lee
    5 Witten
    6 Carr
    7 Austin
    8 Smith
    9 Spencer
    10 Claiborne

    11 Carter
    12 Murray
    13 Bailey
  13. Sb or Bust

    Sb or Bust Active Member

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    1. Dez
    2. Ware
    3. Romo
    4. Smith
    5. Lee
    6. Claiborne
    7. Witten
    8. Carter
    9. Ratliff
    10. Austin
  14. FiveRings

    FiveRings Well-Known Member

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    1.) Tony Romo
    2.) DeMarcus Ware
    3.) Dez Bryant
    4.) Jason Witten
    5.) Sean Lee
    6.) Anthony Spencer
    7.) Bruce Carter
    8.) Jason Hatcher
    9.) Brandon Carr
    10.) Tyron Smith
  15. MonsterD

    MonsterD Quota outta absentia

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    1.Sean Lee
    2.Dez Bryant
    3.Tony Romo
    4.Demarcus Ware
    5.Jason Witten
    6.Brandon Carr
    7.Tyron Smith
    8.Bruce Carter
    9.Morris Claiborne
    10.Anthony Spencer
  16. Lonestar94

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    1. DeMarcus Ware
    2. Dez Bryant
    3. Jason Witten
    4. Tony Romo
    5. Sean Lee
    6. Tyron Smith
    7. Anthony Spencer
    8. DeMarco Murray
    9. Brandon Carr
    10. Jason Hatcher

    Unfortunately I couldn't find a spot for Claiborne or Carter.
  17. Fredd

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    obvious guys to me:

    Offense: Romo, Dez, Smith, Witten
    Defense: Lee, Carter, Mo, Carr, Ware

    Others battling for my 10th spot: Bailey, Spencer, Fred (hopefully, but not yet), Murray, Austin
  18. Woody Runner

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    Our team

  19. rash

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    1. Romo
    2. Ware
    3. Tyron Smith
    4. Sean Lee
    5. Travis Frederick
    6. Dez Bryant
    7. Jason Hatcher
    8. Witten
    9. Bruce Carter
    10. Escobar
  20. Future

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    If he's healthy, I'm putting Ratliff on there somewhere. Maybe over Carter or Carr.
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