Totally going to Rant about the Uniforms

Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by mancefine, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm Mance, and I live in Austin, TX. Born and raised in Longview, TX, just 2 hours east of DFW, I've been a die hard Cowboys fan my entire life. I love the Cowboys. Even though I'm 26 and was 7 the last time they were in an NFC Championship or Superbowl, I. love. the. Cowboys. I'm a big Romo supporter and will tell anyone that if Tony Romo were the quarterback of any of the past 5 Super Bowl champion teams, those teams would still have won. We are fortunate to have him. Now, all that said, I am OCD and one of my big obessions is the Cowboys uniform debacle. I have browsed many a forum and I know I'm ineveitably going to get these responses, but I feel like no one has stated a good argument in favor of "fixing" them:
    "well hell, I don't care if they wear pink polka dotted dresses as long as they win!" and " I love our home uniforms because they are tradition and tradition shouldn't be messed with!!" "who cares??? The seasons almost here, it's not going to change so deal with it!"

    So, my issue is that I simply can't get over the green pants...and god they are green...Look at any other team that uses silver pants with silver helmets (Raiders, Patriots, Panthers, Lions, etc) and they ALL seem to have no issue matching the helmet and pants. I also can't stand the royal blue in only the white uniform, and I just think it sucks that the one uniform we wear 95% of the year doesn't even incorporate actual Cowboys navy blue and silver, and clashes with the iconic helmet. Also it drives me nuts that all the colors in AT&T Stadium, all the clothes/hats the coaches wear, and the practice jersey's all match and use navy blue and silver. I was reading an ESPN article, and this particular statement bothered me:

    "The Dallas Cowboys have the one uniform in all of professional sports that doesn't match and actually clashes".
    I think, even though the 90's team wore this uniform, that the new era of Cowboys players need a new identity. I can tell all of you that say you could care less about the uniforms that as someone that's played football, image and how you look matters. It matters to players. Dez has gone on record saying that he wishes they looked sharper. I have also read articles that make fun of the green pants and mismatched blues stating that they are perfect for the current Cowboys because they are inconsistent and chaotic. Now, I am not saying that I want any crazy changes. I simply want the same uniform they wear now to only use navy blue and silver. That will look sharp and clean, and they change from royal to navy should make them look a bit more menacing. Look what a new identity and look did for the Seahawks. No stars on sleeves, and I would love it if they would make the blue jersey simpler, though I do kind of like it since we barely ever wear it. I honestly think Nike made the pants a bit more green than Reebok did, which is odd since they have said that they were trying to slowly transition away from the green pants.

    For those complainging that tradition shouldn't be messed with, the original uniforms DID match back in the Staubach era all the way until the late 1980's. The only blue was navy and the pants matched the helmet, and were more silver blue than silver green. Tex Schramm changed to Royal because navy looked black and royal would look navy on old TV's (I kind of don't buy that....Even in old pictures navy still looks navy) and the pants were green because they would look silver on old TV's. Now with HDTV, the old colors look bad. O also think the royal blue puts our uniforms too close to the Lions. Compare Staubachs uni to Romo's uni and you will see the difference. I also think that people who say they don't care would really notice and like the change if the Cowboys made it. I know that a rant on a forum isn't going to even scratch the surface of getting Jerrah to change them, but I just think that at this point the current color scheme personifies all of the inconsistencies and Jerry's stubbornness... and at this point we have lost in these uni's alot more than we have won in them. A Nike version of the Stauback era uni's would be amazing. I just wanted to rant and see if there was anyone who actually agreed with me. Looking forward to 2014, at least our offense will be exciting!
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    Sorry missed this but welcome.
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    I agree, stick to our colors. The green pants are ridiculous.

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