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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hostile, Nov 20, 2008.

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    I needed a haircut today. So I headed down the the barbershop I've been going to for 20 years. There are a couple of Cowboys fans there and one is a member here. The owner is a Bills fan who I won 2 free haircuts from last year. I've also won my share of free cuts from another barber who is an Eagles fan. All in all, it is a nice shop.

    Ahead of me there was a mentally ******** man in his 50's. He is blind in his left eye and his right eye is partially blind. He was pulling a little cart that was loaded with Tucson Citizen newspapers. I later found out his name is Tracy. I got the same barber as him when he was done.

    Apparently he gets his hair cut every week at the barber shop. Just a real fast 1 cut all the way around. So his hair is just a stubble. Then he asked the barber to help him shave the side of his face that he can't see in the mirror, and he did.

    I found out as I took my seat that they don't charge Tracy for the haircuts. I have never seen him before but they say he's been coming there for about 3 years. After the barber finished his haircut he got his little cart and gave a free newspaper to each and every barber in the shop. They all told him not to give away his profits and he told them he had plenty.

    His barber told me that he always does that and that after that they all usually go down to the street corner and buy a paper from him. Because of his near blindness and retardation he doesn't remember that he just gave them all free papers. He said they also sometimes sneak the free papers back onto his stack so he can have them to sell.

    Yeah, I bought a paper too.
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    Cool thanks for sharing stories like these in such bad times.
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    You big softie :D

    Cool story
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    Cool story Hos.

    I see we have another member here watching lifetime channel and Dr. Phil. ;)
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    nice ! :)
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    Yes, that is awesome

    Thanks Hos for sharing that story

    you seriously should write a book at some point
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    :laugh2: Good one.
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    cool story.

    really cool. Its sad that you can't turn on the news and hear something like this. too much talk of robbings, rapes, murders and other negative ****.

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