Tough pill for me and fellow Garrett supporters to swallow...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Jan 23, 2013.

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    There is just so much here that begs to have the light of day shined on it.

    1. I despised the Garrett hire. I thought he was a crappy OC who was hired before the head coach, and I think he's been a pretty crappy head coach.

    But I find no pleasure in his being demoted. All this means is Jerry is trying to fix a problem he created by giving Garrett so much authority when he had essentially two head coaches with Wade. Phillips had to give his marbles over to get the job since Jason was here. Jason has been iffy as a play caller and Jerry hired his staff twice now.

    For someone who does what the head coach wants, Jerry sure hires a lot of people.

    2. So Jason - Mr. Right Kind Of Guy - cannot bust up the knucklehead in this team? It takes hiring a bunch of past head coaches.


    If you are right in this, then Garrett should not be the head coach. Because he doesn't have the leadership skills to break it up himself. Either by getting tough on the assistant coaches to get tough on the knucklehead outfit that thrives here.

    Or he gets tough and cuts someone of significance and scares the crap out of them.

    Either way he isn't filling the big suit if you are correct.

    If you are wrong in this then Jerry is meddling.

    There is no third way.
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    she's said several times her "mod" status doesn't apply here. just her word and how people view it.

    you like to stir poo with a blender. when i look at both reps, well, let's just say you should have put the lid on the blender, dude.
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    Yes, but in the second post you said he's not going anywhere unless he flops next year and in the first you said he has to improve a lot. Does he have a longer time frame to improve a lot and get this team to where it needs to be?

    I'm not busting your chops here. I'm just trying to get a handle on the length of JG's 2013-2014 leash.

    How long do you think that leash is? My mostly ignorant guess is JG needs at the very least a playoff appearance and likely needs a playoff win.
  4. TwoDeep3

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    Coming up on the draft Werder picks up the phone can calls every team over and over to assemble his list of draft picks. He is considered one of the best at predicting. Even people on this board who dislike him understand this.

    Think the other two in that analogy have that ability?

    Absolutely not.

    So your credible comment was simply you setting up your own bowling pins to knock them down. The guy who made the analogy was spot on.

    No offense to the two posters mentioned. They have credibility. But unless they have been very coy at parsing out football knowledge, neither has professed having all 32 GM's on speed dial on their cell.
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    No, he doesn't have a longer time. The Cowboys better make the playoffs next year or he is gone. That to me is on notice.

    I also think we will make the playoffs very easily and therefore he will be here for a long time.
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    None taken.

    And I don't claim to have extensive behind-the-scenes knowledge or sources either. The access I have is limited to the same public contact info that's readily available to anyone who follows the Cowboys.

    I'm only speaking about this particular instance and in this instance only. So again, ppl can take it however. Doesn't bother me at all.
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    It's really not that difficult. Anybody can lie about any context. Credibility online isn't any different from credibility IRL, the only difference is that online it's easier to be anonymous or to become anonymous. The starting baseline is different. But people gain credibility with their behavior. They gain it whenever they're in a position where an exposed lie would hurt them. It's not any different from how it works face to face. WG, for example, has every reason to be truthful and nothing to gain in this situation for lying about access to (or being in position to verify) a particular source. And a hard-earned reputation to lose for lying about it.

    That's fine if you consider the relative anonymity (anonymity online isn't ever complete) of a username sufficient reason to assume everybody could be lying. Personally, the site works better, though, on a system where the authority figures that be have actual credibility.

    For my own part, if I see a poster has a history of lying, I consider them to have zero credibility. If I see a history of consistency or truthfulness, I consider them likely to be truthful. If I know it's a person who's name I know IRL or whose work or decision making I've seen on display in a thousand separate threads at this point, that's good enough for me. And I think most posters understand that and see it the same way. Of course, we know anyone could be lying. Nobody should consider themselves as having been deposed on a sports forum. Generally, though, a deposition is not necessary since all that's at stake is our own willingness to believe or disbelieve a random tidbit of otherwise not-all-that-meaningful information.
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    And I knew you would be gracious and forthcoming. You somehow got drug into this, and I apologize for that.

    My point is so many toss out the Werder is an idiot comment, yet he is tops in the draft and has sources no one here has.

    it was the straw man argument I was calling out and not you, m'lady.
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    Here is what I'm beginning to think:

    Jerry has a "verbal" commitment from another HC....possibly Gruden, or Holmgren or Cowher.

    Now follow me......Jerry and this other ball coach are in cohorts for an agreement next year because said HC isn't ready for a gig this year for one reason or another.

    So., Jerry says to HC in waiting, "I'm gonna do things my way this year, and if it doesn't work, then you get the go ahead to do it your way"

    Thoughts? Am I crazy? Or just a drama queen?
  10. SilverStarCowboy

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    Naaa forgit bout it huh!... you're just a crazy drama queen.
  11. WoodysGirl

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    I'm no fan of Werder, but obviously his 30+years of experience and making connections trumps my diehard fandom access.

    I wasn't really drug in. I just chimed in, gave my 2 nickels, and then tapped out. I don't stay too long in these types of neverending discussions. I got more pressing matters to deal editing thread titles and whatnot.
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    Its really going to be a tiugh pill to swallow when he gets fired next year
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    Fair enough idgit.

    For my part I've seen enough sourced up people on this site (and others) be wrong and caught in flat out lies enough times to not take any of their claims seriously.

    Your results may vary.
  14. fanfromvirginia

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    Okay, gotcha. Thanks.
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  16. Bleu Star

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    Jerry has restored my faith. That is all. Enjoy those pills.. Just remember that we have all swallowed pills over the course of our memberships here at CZ. Every single one of us.
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    ..the internet..?

    And you believe everything on the internet, right..?

    Good lord..Gruden won in Oakland without an AllPro QB and a SB in Tampa with a retread.

    That's a huge plus compared to all the hiring and firing and rebuilding we have gone thru in the Romo era.

    Gruden IMO would easily straighten out Romo as QB if anybody could do it.

    I'd hire him immediately and let Garrett go get an insurance sales job. That's about all he's qualified to do..IMO.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
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    Sure. I have no problem with people posting these "insider" things. Some people get good info, some people don't, some people just make it up for the attention, some just throw enough crap against the wall that some is bound to stick (Mike Florio made a career of this), some just cruise Twitter/the internet all day and call things right when they are looking fairly obvious.

    Who cares? If that is what makes them happy, it is something to read here. Eventually, their record will speak for themselves. It does around here. I know of one person who has good, consistent inside information.

    However, the shameful thing is when people hide behind these sources as some sort of basis for argument or discussion and use that to try to undermine or belittle the positions of others. Seems to be a weak fall back when their argument starts to fall apart.
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    I do not buy that. There are several head coach's in the league that do not call plays on offense or defense.
  20. Zman5

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    You are no crazier than the people who think JG is the next Tom Landry.

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