News: Tougher Ground Test From Charles, Chiefs Expected Sunday

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AmberBeer, Sep 12, 2013.

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    IRVING, Texas – Stop the run and run the ball.
    It doesn’t matter what level or league, all football coaches typically stress those two areas when it comes to agendas within a particular game.
    If you can establish the run, you’ll be balanced. If you can stop the run, you’ll prevent the opposition from having that balance. Sounds simple enough.
    This Sunday in Kansas City, the Cowboys will try to win both sides of the running game once again, but it won’t be easy against a Chiefs team that has managed to rush it effectively in recent history, despite some lopsided scores.

    Although the Chiefs went 2-14 last year, they still ran it enough for Jamaal Charles to rack up 1,509 yards, despite having 10 double-digit losses in 2012.
    The Chiefs ranked fifth in the NFL last year in rushing, totaling 149.7 yards per game, the highest among all non-playoff teams.
    Now, with Andy Reid on the sidelines and Alex Smith at quarterback, the people in Kansas City are probably the first ones to shout that things are different this year. They probably want nothing to do with last season. The fact they can already duplicate last year’s win total with a victory over the Cowboys signals such a change.
    But you can bet the offensive game plan to run the ball at will hasn’t altered much. Smith is just with the second NFL team of his eight-year career, but he’s playing for his eighth different offensive coordinator. He’s not considered a throw-it-all-over-the-field type of quarterback. So make no mistake, the Chiefs will once again enter Sunday’s game with the mindset to run the football early and often.
    If anything, the Cowboys will be ready for it.
    “Well, they have a good running game. Of course, the running back is outstanding,” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said of Charles. “They feature him a lot of different ways. It is a power running game, but it’s a running game that gets him out in space. And he’s really good at it.”
    Last week against the Jaguars, Charles ran the ball 16 times for 77 yards. But they’re also working in a pair of youngsters in former Texas A&M standout Cyrus Gray and Knile Davis, a third-round pick this year from Arkansas.
    “They do a lot of different things in the running game,” Garrett said. “They’ve allocated a lot of resources in their organization to their offensive line. A lot of high picks there.
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    This is a test for sure, but I think everyone expects that and this should give us some insight on whether this team is "different"
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    We liked Cyrus Gray.
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    ofcourse we have to stop the run but we cant let Bowe beat us,stopping big plays should always be the main concern.
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    Not sure what to expect for this game. Haven't seen the Chiefs play in a long time. Charles is good and I always thought Alex Smith was a decent QB. That and the home crowd could, and probably will, cause lots of problems for the Cowboys. Still think we can win if we clean up some of the defensive lapses.
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    The Cowboys have proven with Romo that they can turn any game into a shoot out and have had to because of defensive lapses many times. If this game goes that route I just don't think Alex can hold up to that.
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    Callahan was on that Jets staff with Sutton, so those two should know each other. And the fact that they're playing that Ryan defense probably should be an advantage for Dallas going in, since we've got experience with a variation of it. Offensively, they're obviously going to run the ball where they can and play a conservative passing game.
    If we're able to score early and put pressure on them to keep up, that will go a long way towards winning that game. We've got to, got to stay out of 3rd and longs where they're going to have that crowd and they're going to blitz. I think we see more running the ball on 2nd downs than we've seen typically, trying to keep out of third downs or at least in third-and-manageables.

    That said, this is not an offense that should beat us on it's own. If we can take the ball away some and get a cheap score or two, this is a winnable road game. I like this Chief's team, but I feel pretty good about our matchup in this one if we don't turn the ball over and can take it away a few times ourselves.
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    Not sure how different Dallas is, but I know the Chiefs have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and aren't even remotely close to a 2-14 team. They will be the most improved team this year - easily. No game is ever a "gimme" - certainly not this one. It will be a VERY close game....
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    What worries me is the Chiefs running game. They've got a top notch back from Texas and a very respectable offensive line. We've been shaky against the run all preseason and even some in the Giants game.
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    Huh? 50 yards rushing allowed vs Giants and two fumbles forced
  11. AmberBeer

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    That's with a 5th string RB and they were playing from behind the entire game forcing Eli to pass.
  12. Future

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    Wilson would have been their day one starter regardless, and he played into the third quarter.

    The game was 13-10 at half.
  13. AmberBeer

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    We'll see on Sunday how good we play the run. I have my doubts and hope I'm wrong.
  14. Future

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  15. DFWJC

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    Bruce Carter, come on down!
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    Giants runs on Sunday:
    Wilson: 0 (fumble), 13, 0, 0, 2, 1, 3 (fumble)
    Scott: 3, 0, 4, 0, 16

    Scott's last run came with the Giants down 27-10, late in the 3rd, when we were playing pass on everything. The Giants never managed two consecutive runs of greater than 1 yard without a fumble.
    We didn't have any trouble with the run Sunday. Doesn't mean we won't have trouble this week, of course.​

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