Touring Cowboys Stadium- Worth it?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DT101, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Hi there, lifelong Cowboys fan, but I've never actually been to Dallas. Well, I'm going for the first time in about two weeks. One of the things on my to do list is to see the new Cowboys stadium. I'm definitely going to drive by no matter what, but is it worth it to do a tour? I'm on a very very limited budget so while I'd love to see the inside of the stadium, if it's not worth it then I'd rather not.

    I also see that there are guided tours and self tours. Are the guided tours worth the extra money or would I be just as well off doing a self tour?

  2. ologan

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    We took the self guided tour and really enjoyed it. While you may not see everything the guided tour does,you can take your time.
  3. BIGDen

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    The guided tour is 100% worth it and book it in advance. When I went, a lady and her son were told that the tours were sold out (fortunately my wife booked in advance). Don't miss the opportunity. The stadium is incredible. Enjoy.
  4. Ken

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    Yes, guided tour is worth it. My buddy and I were kicking field goals and running routes in the end zone. Great experience.
  5. AmericasTeam81

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    Absolutely worth it. Been to dallas twice. Did it both times
  6. Dayton Cowboy

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    I've not been to Cowboy Stadium given that I am stuck in Bungle land. But I was fortunately able to tour Texas Stadium in its final season. So if the tour of Cowboy Stadium is on par with Texas Stadium, its well worth taking the tour!
  7. viman96

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    Definitely worth it! We hung out on the field for a couple of hours running routes and kicking field goals.
  8. pupulehaole

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    Self guided tour is where it's at!
  9. Avenging Hayseed

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    Yes....its worth it. Lotta fun to be honest. If its still the same as when I went a couple years back the tour begins and ends in the Pro shop.

    Jerry's no dummy!....CHA CHING :D
  10. iowast8rs

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    Opt for the guided tour, worth the extra cash. Mention the huge player contracts and massive stadium cost as the reason beer and food costs an arm and a leg, and you'll get a special look :)
  11. big dog cowboy

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    You really have to ask? J/K take which ever tour fits your budget. You won't be disappointed.
  12. Dion2288

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    Absolutely! I've been a few times (I work with kids and take them each year). I took friends (non-Cowboys fans) one time and they were blown away by the size, detail, and features. "By far the best stadium in the world."

    The on field experience alone is worth it. Lay on the star, run routes, kick field goals. Shoot, I even played dodge ball on the field one time.
  13. Bleu Star

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    I can't wait to get there and take that guided tour. Perhaps this year..
  14. Crazed Liotta Eyes

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    I've done the guided and self guided tour and both are great but I'd recommend the guided tour. The guide gives you some cool facts about the stadium and the franchise and I found it a bit overwhelming when I did the self guided one. I didn't really know where to go next and it was hard to do anything but stand there on the field gawking at the ludicrous video screen. :)
  15. hipfake08

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    Did they supply footballs?
  16. esmith1790

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    I took the tour on the perfect day.

    Dallas Cowboys did practice in the afternoon. I got to watch the USA vs England soccer match on the big screen before practice. Sat in those super large comfy chairs on the 50 yard line. My dad and I ate popcorn and watched the soccer game. Then watch the players practice.

    Was awesome.
  17. jagsjoy

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    You can book the tours ahead of time online. And then print out the tickets that's what I did when I took the self guided tour. Also they tell you if there are and time slots available for the VIP tour.
  18. esmith1790

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    Not sure your time frame of going, but every year i think the cowboys do have practice inside the stadium. If you book your tour early in the day before the gates open. You might be able to get in and get a good seat.
  19. viman96

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    No. They were selling Cowboys Anniversary footballs when we went so I bought one. I bet you can bring your own but should double check to be sure.
  20. Wolf2k5

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    I'm doing the tour the morning after opening day as a part off a package deal. Does anyone know if you get to play around on the field in the guided tour or is that mostly self guided? That's the main reason I wanna do it but would also enjoy the guide

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