Tracking the Longhorns: Sept. 14

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Doomsday101, Sep 15, 2010.

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    DE Jackson Jeffcoat
    On playing at Texas Tech: I'm excited. I've heard it's a tough place to play, [and] that it's loud. I'm excited to get out there and play.

    On trying to stop Texas Tech's offense: We're just going to have to get pressure on the quarterback and play a sound game.

    On his first two games in college against Rice and Wyoming: It's been fun playing with all of the older guys. They've all brought me in and helped me out. We haven't played our best, but we're planning on coming out and playing a great game against Tech.

    On starting Big 12 play this early: I've looked forward to playing in the Big 12, so I'm very excited to get started already.

    On gaining experience: I'm definitely gaining experience. Those older guys are helping me out. They help me out when I make a mistake or something like that.

    On what he needs to improve: There are a lot of things I can improve on - pass rush, playing better [against] the run. There are a lot of things that the coaches have told me [about improving] my overall game.

    On if the defense feels any pressure: We don't look at it that way. Our offense is great. We know they're going to come out and be great. We just come out and play the same way every game.
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    Jeffcoat was an animal against Tech. Got lots of pressure on the QB and is really solid against the run. Even mixed it up in a few skirmishes.
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    I knew this guy was going to be good but he is even better than I thought he would be.

    Looks like a future top 10 pick in the NFL. Probably a 3-4 OLB.
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    I agree. I really did not expect much from Jeffcoat in his freshman year but this kid look great and should only get better and bigger. Right now he is playing at 238 I fully expect him to increase in size as his body continues to develop

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