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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by wxcpo, Sep 9, 2011.

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    So we completed our draft about a week ago. I ended up with Vick as my starting QB and have Matt Ryan and Matt Cassel as backups. I was offered the following trade;

    Shonn Greene for Matt Ryan.

    He has already said he will not do Matt Cassel for Greene if I were thinking about countering. My other RBs are;

    Felix Jones
    Cedric Benson
    Darren McFadden
    Mark Ingram

    I am leaning towards completing this trade and here's my reasoning;

    We run an auction league where you can keep up to 4 players every year, however, their salary increases by 50% if you retain them. I won Ryan for $10 so if I were to make him one of my keepers he would cost me $15 next season. Greene was won for $3 so to keep him would be $5 next season. So if he has a great season and is keeper worthy I get a starting RB for a mere $5 next year (our salary cap is $100).

    Obviously with Vick I only need a bye week fill-in or injury replacement (main reason I took Ryan) but I think Cassel can be that guy as well.

    So I'm essentially getting a long term player that can be a fill-in starter depending on matchups for a guy who will sit my bench all season barring injuries (outside of Vick's bye week).

    So am I thinking straight on this one or should I hold onto Ryan? Thanks
  2. Sarge

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    Prolly not a bad trade but I would personally not do it. Last year, teams started to figure Vick out and his fantasy numbers dropped. You may find yourself starting Ryan over Vick more than you think.

    I also think you can get more for Ryan than Green.
  3. wxcpo

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    I went ahead and turned down the offer after looking at Ryan's schedule (which is pretty favorable) and the fact he has two big time targets now I think his value only goes up as the season goes on. The guy who offered me the deal has Peyton Manning & Jason Campbell so I think he may rethink and accept Cassel for Green which is probably more in the trade value window for Greene. Thanks for the response Sarge.
  4. MC KAos

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    What do you guys think of me trading Felix for Joseph addai and Vernon Davis? I pretty much have no TE on my team
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    Who is your TE right now and who is available, there are lot of decent TE values out there this season. Guys like Pettigrew, Mercedes Lewis, Greg Olsen. I also like Lance Kendricks as a sleeper. You may want to wait a week or two and see if your TE does ok or if you can snag some one off FA. Addai cant stay healthy and without Manning who knows how he doe, plus Felix is a solid RB2.
  6. funkytown

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    Negative on that trade.

    Felix is going to bust out big this year.

    Vernon Davis will not produce the same as last year. You can find a fill in TE each week, just gotta find the right matchup.

    I would have no interest in Addai.

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