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    I should be studying right now, but I'll do this instead. Dallas trades down to between the 20-26 range because saw somebody they wanted. Who that is, I don't know. They pick up a 3rd, 5th, 6th. Later they move up into the sixth because I see somebody who intrigues me.

    1. Ryan Shazier, OLB good value at this point and can start day 1 in this defense. More depth at a position which seems to be frequent with injuries. A boost to the front seven. Yay!

    2. Scott Crichton DE, a force go be reckoned with, with the power rush and explosiveness to get off the line. Not an ideal wde, but the length, power and moves makes this an immediate contributor and provides more depth go a talent depleted position.

    3a. Marcus Smith DE, similar size to Lawrence, Ford, Attaochu; displays great burst off snap and plays pretty powerful for his size. Def one of my pet cats, so this will be an extremely bias opinion, but I think he is very underrated. Plays the run well and progressed in tfl and sacks each year showing growth as a player, a willingness to learn the game and get better as a player.

    3b. Caraun Reid, DT with physical traits needed to succeed as a 3T in this D. Questions remain due to level of competition. Productive player in college. Quarles is also an option here. Or UKO in the next round.

    4. Trai Turner, OG who would fit well in this offense. Personally rounds 2-4 are great for picking up trench players, especially the big uglies. You could go Turner, Dozier, or Turner with one of the previous picks and go dline here. There are plenty of options.

    5a. Walt Aikens, CB from small school but with the tools necessary to build on. Possesses good size(OMG it's the in-thing). Really a matter of catching up to nfl speed. If not available there are other options at corner with size or upside(Colvin may be here)

    5b. Brandon Coleman, WR, 6'6" 225, low 4.5-4.4 speed. Is a huge target in the endzone(10 tds last season). Runs good across in a slant. Developing with dez should help this guy get better.

    6a. Russell Bodine, OG, honestly just a good ol tar heel plug right here. But a long time starter with the ability to pass protect and run block, provides depth and flexibility as a player. Played rt/g/c. Injury bug got him, but this should be some good value here.

    6b. Carlos Fields Jr., OLB, with good coverage ability, height, sound technique and good speed. Played lower level competition, but productive and is a pet cat of mine. Meow.

    7. Kaseem Edebali, DE, another pass rusher who was fairly productive and college. Provides more depth Nd probably a contributor on special teams. Championship.
    7. Henry Josey, RB, horrible injury, but bounced back strong. The other pet cat.

    7. Connor Shaw, QB, because efficient, strong arm, and 7th round.

    7. Brett Smith/ Stephen Morris QB, again it's the 7th, and nothing ticks off people more then taking some 7th round qbs after scheduling meetings with all those earlier round qbs. It's funny...entertaining.

    Apologize for any format and grammar problems, wrote this on my phone.

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