Trade Back Option?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyschmps3, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. cowboyschmps3

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    Yes it's a boring Sunday without football, have been watching the games i have recorded of the boys, and caught myself thinking, last year people got mad when we traded back and settled for Fredrick and got the other pick too draft Williams which i think everybody was happy with what they brought but what if we would do it again get an extra 2nd too 3rd pick perhaps, who would you be happy with settling for?? Evans? another Dlineman?? Olineman? maybe Safety?
  2. Hardline

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    Since I am more and more convinced Aaron Donald will be wearing a Bear uniform this season .
    I am all for trading back,that is if you can find a trade up partner. But it all hinges on who is left on the board at #16.
  3. ghst187

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    Before the combine/etc. I was thinking Donald could probably be had with a late first or early second round pick bc of his size concerns.
    Now, however, I'm afraid he won't even last to our first round pick. If he does, it should be a no-brainer (unless somehow Manziel is still available also).
    If Donald is gone before we pick, we should definitely be trading back if possible as I think there are a ton of quality second and third rounders in this draft that could help us immediately at need positions.
    With a trade back bc Donald is off the board, I like DE since DE's Trent Murphy and Kony Ealy make a ton of sense for us and represent quality for a late round pick at a position of need, esp if Ware gets cut.
    If we traded all the way out of round 1, and/or with our second round pick, I like several OL in the second round…G Gabe Jackson, G David Yankey, and possibly a few Ts. I also think the QB from Eastern Illinois is a real possibility in Rd 2, which I may be okay with.
    Honestly, there's not a S I like in the first two rounds.
  4. bkight13

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    I would trade back in the first, but try to trade up in to early 2nd. I'd like to get a DT/DE and a LB/OG with the first two picks.
  5. sadams

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    if Ebron, Evans, Lee, Lewan or Martin make it to us and not Donald, our table would be set for a sweet trade.

    Here is a neat wrinkle, though. What if Ebron drops to #16. Do you draft our next TE for the next 10 years?
  6. Fredd

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    another one? isn't escobar the heir apparent?
  7. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

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    Out of curiosity today I went into several Bears forums just to get a feel on how the Bears fans are seeing the draft shape up. If you think we all have a stiffy for Donald, Go see what they are saying. They are convinced Donald is theirs for the taking.
  8. DFWJC

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    I really think the only two teams that will consider Donald before the very late 1st round are the Cowboys and Bears. I'll be very surprised if he's not there at 16...then if he is, I'd be surprised they couldn't trade down to the late 20s and still get him
  9. Irvin88_4life

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    I thought bears liked Timmy Jernigan. I think Donald does make it to early 20s if we don't nab him at 16. I really felt last year when Star fell that's who Dallas wanted all along because they traded before Pittsburgh made their pick as soon as Carolina took him.
  10. CyberB0b

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    If the guys they want aren't there, I don't mind it. I didn't mind the trade down last year, I thought we could have gotten better value in terms of draft picks, however.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    We "settled" for Fredbeard?

    Oh there is at least a 50/50 chance we trade back again.
  12. Questfor6

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    Unless Clowney, Mack, Barr, or Watkins fall in our lap best choice IMO would be a trade back maybe even twice if we're lucky enough. The way I see it Baltimore & the Jets could be vying for the same playmaker and the Jets in desperation may offer us a 3rd to move back a couple of spots just to jump ahead of a team with the same needs as them.
  13. FuzzyLumpkins

    FuzzyLumpkins The Boognish

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    I would wait to see if Donald or one of the top 4 OT dropped. If I am choosing between Kealy, the two safeties, Mosely and Jernigan then I have to seriously consider trading back a bit.
  14. Wolf2k5

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    I think it all depends if we get a WR to drop to us. Picking before the Ravens is huge. People who are willing to trade up for a WR will want to jump the Ravens
  15. casmith07

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    If you're looking at potential trade partners, take a look and see who has an abundance of picks in the first four rounds.

    Otherwise, in a draft this deep with talent, it'll be difficult to see where the trades will come. Many teams will want to stick with their positioning and draft talent.
  16. jazzcat22

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    Doesn't Cleveland have like 3, I know at least 2, 1st round picks. Not sure where all the other rounds they have.
    Rams also have 2, 1st rounds, but not sure of the other rounds either.
    I would need to look and see.
  17. jazzcat22

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    I would be open for the trade don again, as long as they stay in the 1st round, preferably top 25.
    I'm not normally a fan of the trade down, if trading out of the 1st round altogether. I absolutely hate that. But if goes as last year, I'm ok with it. And actually think it will help us more this year, as to staying at #16. Since this is a deep draft.

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