Trade Back Scenario with Cinnci.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Aliencowboy, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Aliencowboy

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    Dallas gives Cinnci #18 (900 points)

    Dallas gets two Second rounders: #37, #52 (910 points)

    Dallas then has # 37, #48, #52 in the second including their own.

    #37 pick Sylvester Williams DT / Dallas Thomas OT
    #48 pick Larry Warford OG
    #52 pick Travis Frederick C / OG

    Dallas shouldn't trade back if the following are available
    at #18:
    Sheldon Richardson DT
    Jake Matthews OT
  2. IAmLegend

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    Not a big fan tbh. I hope we trade down but not that far. Jake Matthews is most likely returning for his Senior season too. Agree on Sheldon Richardson, he's a beast.
  3. supercowboy8

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    Travis Frederick and Larry Warford is much to big and slow to run Callahan system. Both are good players and think both are OGs and Frederick will not be a Center in the NFL.

    Also Sylvester Williams isn't a NT or a 3-4 player at all. He is a 4-3 one gap DT.

    I like the trade down and like dallas Thomas but as a LG and not as a RT.
    RT Lane Johnson,
    OG Gabe Jackson, and
    Center Mario Benavides

    are my three in a trade back
  4. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    lol what is the logic in doing this?? Sorry, I can't trade back 19 picks when there are plenty of nice prospects that can impact the team in the 1st round, & watch them all be taken while the Cowboys sit on their butt for 19 picks..
  5. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    If a team like Miami traded back into the 1st round & gave us their 1st next year like when we got the Browns pick, I'd be all over something like that. That's the only way I would trade back that many spots is if I was getting a 1st round for 2014
  6. Manwiththeplan

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    I don't know why you keep saying that. Would you have believed that 6'4 270 pound Tyronne Crawford was a 3-4 player? What about 6'4 280 pound Justin Smith? I could go on and on naming players like Jay Ratliff, Corey Redding, ect, but I think the point is clear that you don't have to fit the cookie cutter definition for a position.

    And as far as play style goes, he can adjust when he gets in the NFL. I wouldn't spend an early pick on him, but in round 2, it makes no sense to say he isn't worth picking because he's not a 3-4 player.
  7. RS12

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    Hate this move. For people who are hung up on systems like Callahans, please stop. Give me a guy who can beat the guy in front of him and you win more often than not. More likely to find that guy round one than two.
  8. jnday

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    If Callahan can't work with the big guys, he needs to go.

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