Trade down book it!!! Unless

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sadams, Mar 3, 2011.

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    All of this scab newton jazz is marketing. Everyone knows skins going qb so Jerry is just trying to sell the real estate one pick ahead. There is so much good dl depth and solid otackles can be had 5-10 picks later. Snagging a player or a 3rd rd pick in exchange for moving down is great idea. Unless.... Quinn Peterson fairley bowers and the dl from bama name?? fall. 4 that to happen 2 Qbs have 2 go ahead of us and one reach bonehead pick. We will b smart 2 trade if none of the 5 amigos r there and u can sell it to a team who wants a qb in front of the skins. To b honest u may b able to pull a fast one on the skins and sell it to them.
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    Should I book it or not, I'm confused.
  3. sadams

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    Book it 2 qbs and a reach is a lot to dream for.
  4. sadams

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    I'm not getting the feedback I expected so what is the top 7?
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    Next time, try posting in English, rather than gibberish...
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    Trade down is possible if one of the top guys doesnt fall.

    But u are right, both QBs have to go before 9. And probably both WR'S (Green, Jones) for a guy like Fairley, Dareus, Bowers to fall.

    The OT's can be had towards the middle of the 1st, if not the end of the 1st. Tyron Smith will be the only tackle get picked anywhere near the top 10
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    Thanks. I needed that after a crappy morning here at the auto shop.
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    I had my seven year old read it. He said it looks like Snoop Dog is a member of the Zone.
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    I can't believe someone composed a worst paragraph then me.

    Now onto answering ur question, nope one of those guys is gonna fall "book it". Its a greater possibility that one of them falls then all them being picked before 9................though none of this matters cuz

    We're trading up for my boy Patrick Peterson, BOOK IT

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