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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by babour7, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Ok guys, long time lurker here.I' ve been reading these boards for a long time and this is the best cowboys site.Keep up the great work.

    Now, this is my attempt at being the GM of the Dallas Cowboys, so here goes:

    Cuts: Olshansky, Barber, Davis
    Resign: Bowen, Kosier, Sensabaugh, Free, Hurd
    FAs: Huff

    Dallas trades #9 for the Rams #14 and #78.

    14. J.J.Watt , DE , Wisconsin
    40. Ras-I Dowling , CB , Virginia
    71. James Carpenter , OT , Alabama
    78. Will Rackley , OG , Lehigh
    110. Stephen Schilling , OG , Michigan
    143. Ahmad Black , SS , Florida
    176. Chris Neild , DT , West Virginia
    220. Dion Lewis , RB , Pittsburgh
    252. Mark LeGree , FS , Appalachian State

    First of all, since the draft doesn't have a FS that can come in and start right away we need to fill one of our most pressing needs via FA and Huff seems to be the right fit for us.

    As for the draft, i tried to address our needs at OL,DL and DB by drafting some very productive, experienced and high character guys with strong work ethic.

    One need that i didn't address was ILB although i can see us getting a guy like Kirk Morrison in FA or just wait for next years very good LB class.
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    I would trade down for those picks but I'm not so sure about Watt, I do like the OLO picks
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    I like what you've done. Carpenter is being undersold a bit. From what I've seen he's a solid OL.

    FA: Who knows? We don't know what the cap will be and we don't know the implications of player movement. Hopefully after they resolve this the cap consequences won't be so bad. Good plan overall though.

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