Trade Plummer and E moulds...for B Johnson and J Lewis

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Hoov, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Hoov

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    Was offered Brad Johnson and Jamal Lewis in exchange for J Plummer and E Moulds.

    My 2 qb's are D Brees and J Plummer. Is B Johnson a better play over the season than plummer. denvers schedule is tough down the stretch, the vikes still have 2 games against the lions and the packers and they play some real easy defenses in the final weeks which would be playoff time.

    I have J Walker and T Glenn for wr's so Moulds is pretty much stuck on the bench for me.

    My 2 RB's are R Johnson and C Taylor. I also have their backups as handcuffs in case of injury to either one of them. And i have ladell betts and dom rhodes, both are good for 5-10 points a game as a fill in, so i dont really need Lewis, though he would make a better play on the bye weeks then betts or rhodes.

    So basically i would not mind giving up moulds to get lewis, unless plummer is going to be a much better play than johnson this season, then i would just be weaker at qb position to trade a bench wr for a bench rb.

    any thoughts ?
  2. Yeagermeister

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    I personally don't trust Plummer.
  3. Hoov

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    now the trade has changed, its just plummer for brad johnson straight up. Think i'll do it, johnson will be facing much easier defense the second half the season.....and the coach is childress, he likes to throw a lot. just wish johnson had some better wr's.
  4. Danny White

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    Those are a bunch of bad players in that trade. Eric Moulds isn't even on a team in my 12-man league.
  5. Hoov

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    well yeah, the other guy proposed the trade. I'm perfectly happy with my starters, he's basically asking me to trade some of my bench players that would only get in my lineup on a bye or in case of injury.

    Im about to drop e moulds so if i could get J Lewis for a palyer im a bout to drop, i would.

    But i ended up trading plummer for Johnson cause down the stretch and the playoffs johnson is going adainst some BAD teams and he might make a better play than Brees during those weeks.

    Also, im in a 14 team league and everone has 15 roster spots, so the only qb on the waiver is Brunnel (LOL) and Charlie batch, and there are 0 RB's available, even the rookies who havent played a down yet are gone and any player who comes on the radar week to week get picked up before my turn (in this league you cant pick up FA's until 8pm wed evenings, and the team with the worst record picks first during the waiver period) so even the jones-drew guy is gone long before i can do anything after last sunday.

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