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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Picksix, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Seems like QB isn't a position that will go high in the first this year, but more like lower first/second round. So, would a team that picks early second, and needs a QB, try to trade all the way to 18 to get one? Would any of the QB's make it worth what it would cost? If you're the Cowboys, what would it take to trade down that far? Would you even trade down that far, regardless of what the deal was?
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    Glennon, nassib, dysert failed to impress. So barring Geno being there, cant see any other qb who would merit a trade up. Im not a big Geno fan either.
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    As we previewed early last week my focus was going to mostly be on the QB’s in this game. With six potential fits for the Bills it was important to see who stood out and who failed to step up. While no QB took the week over and dominated the competition the most impressive QB at the game was clearly Tyler Wilson. That is based on the reports that have been published, the people I spoke with Mobile, and from what I could tell from TV.

    Wilson was accurate, poised, and generally well ahead of all the other QB’s from the moment the first passes were thrown on Monday. That’s a great sign for Wilson who is battling Matt Barkley for the #2 QB slot and could challenge Geno Smith for the top spot.

    Secondly there was Mike Glennon. I’ve been down on Mike Glennon but he certainly put on a throwing display this week with his ability to push the ball all over the field. He showed the touch and accuracy that you see flashes of on his 2011 and 2012 tape but still had the mental lapses and ‘what the…’ throws that accompany his tape as well. Glennon’s mechanics are clean and his size was towering compared to the other QB’s. He definitely did a lot to validate the opinion of Mel Kiper Jr but I’m still not sold that he’s even a first rounder.

    Ryan Nassib fits in behind the top two because he had a nice solid week of practice even though his performance in the game left a lot of fans wondering why anybody would be enamored with this guy. Nassib still had his struggles but he improved over the course of the week and showed that he more than belonged in this game. His arm, athleticism, and leadership were all among the traits routinely listed by those in attendance in Mobile.

    The quietest week and maybe one of the most consistent was that of EJ Manuel. He threw some nice passes but for the most part went about doing his job drill after drill. His highs and lows seemed to stay relatively close to his base line and for me that’s incredibly frustrating. Manuel is among the most athletic and picture perfect definitions of what you’d want in a QB athletically. His play though is mentally maddening and he once again showed that in Mobile.

    For a guy who I thought could come in and wow in Mobile, Zac Dysert didn’t have a good week. He struggled routinely with his timing and accuracy in drills. He was picked off multiple times and the only thing that saved him from being the worst QB here was how bad Landy Jones was. Dysert did himself no favors in Mobile though he did make a few throws that made people go wow, unfortunately those throws came few and far in between.

    This is the one that shocked me in all honesty, and it’s not because Landry Jones was bad, because honestly I was concerned that he’d be exposed in this event. What shocked me is how much Mike Mayock praised Jones this week despite the fact that nearly every other attendee in Mobile routinely wrote about how much he was struggling. Jones preference for checking down is as evident on tape as it was in Mobile and his struggles when asked to go up top certainly continued. While the other five QB’s didn’t do much to sell me on them, Jones certainly did enough for me to say I absolutely do not want him on the Bills.

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