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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by jterrell, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. jterrell

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    Michael Bennett plus Minny's 1st for TNew and Dat.

    I was actually fairly nice I thought in suggesting that was too one-sided but apparently I hurt the guys feelings. He emailed me back and stated I was condescending? Who me??? NO!!! Never. OK maybe, but I thought I was nice. I didn't even come close to flaming or calling him an imbecile. I just told him JJ and Bennett were both speedbacks and Dat was well liked by BP even though he isnt very tall. TNew was a top 5 pick and the Vikes wont pick higher than mid-round while Dallas will already have two higher 1sts.

    Anyways maybe I owe the guy an apology.

    What do you guys think of the trade??
  2. dbair1967

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    why would anyone in their right mind want to trade Newman? he's one of our best players, AND he's a big time talent at CB

    Bennett doesnt fix anything here either...he's hurt all the time

  3. diehard2294

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    I wouldn't do it. We dont know yet what JJ is going to do, and I still beleive TN is going to be a good one. Just my 02
  4. blindzebra

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    Bad trade for many reasons:

    We don't know about Jones, yet.

    T-New has played better the last couple of weeks.

    Dat ,though under tall, is by far our best LB.

    Bennett has been injury prone.

    Their pick is not high enough to offset Newman's draft rank.

    The cap hit for T-New and Dat, plus the cost of having 3 first rd picks.
  5. Hostile

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    I would have told him..."not only no, hell no."
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    I'd be interested in Dat for a 3rd rounder or Dat for Bennett.

    People from the outside seem to think that Julius is an automatic bust. He got injured. Stuff happens. Way to early to give up on him already. He was basically a first round pick. Why give up that much for Bennett, another injury prone running back?

    I wouldn't give up on Newman. Like AdamJT13 has pointed out, his stats have been very good sans the Pittsburgh and Green Bay game. Not to mention there's no pass rush to speak of and he gets very little safety help.

    It's real silly to get upset over it. It's not like he's the Vikings GM and you're Jerry Jones and you're both actually working out a real deal.

  7. junk

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    Agreed, it is too early to give up on Jones, but on the other hand, he hasn't proven anything yet. Some insurance is needed. I don't think Micheal Bennett is the type this team needs though. A Najeh Davenport or LaMont Jordan would be real nice.
  8. DipChit

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    Well how bout like T-New for Bennet and about 3 No. 1's? Like "that one time" we traded with them folks. ;)
  9. Sarge

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  10. SoTex

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    The ol' Hershel special. I would go for that.

    I don't like the TNew trade. After only a short time in the league, Bennet still has alot of question marks concerning durability and off-field issues.

    BUSDRIV3RDH New Member

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    Mr. Standout Rookie {TNew} got swiftly put back in his place when he faced Moss on opening day this year.

    Trust me, this guy is still good and will be great. He just lost his confidence and is now building it back up quite evidently in the last 2 weeks too. Anyone who says they want to trade TNew, especially with the secondary we have, is crazy.
  12. Smith22

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    You can say that again.
  13. SuspectCorner

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    let's trade dat (who is truggling for the first extended time since i can remember) and the #5 overall from two drafts ago for bennett (who has trouble staying healthy) and the (guessing) 26th overall in the upcoming draft? mike tice - is that you?
  14. ghst187

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    well i'd say throw in Moss and we'd be talking except i can't stand Randy Moss and I'd much rather see Roy knock his head completely off with a big hit

    I'd say throw in Culpepper but this guy isn't ever going to win a superbowl even though he's exponentially better than what we have.....unless he doesn't have randy moss.

    umm how about DT Kevin Williams.....hmmm not really a true nose T which is what we need....

    ok here's my final offer....go to h***
  15. jterrell

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    OK, as I suspected the trade is just too flimsy from a Dallas perspective.

    I tried to reply nicely but only got more whines in return.

    Thus I felt compelled to again reply::::

    If you toss out ideas expect to get something other than total agreement.

    If I'm condescending it is only because you are thinking at a 3rd grade level when it comes to the trade in question.

    TNew was the 5th pick 2 years a go and has been to the Pro Bowl. He plays a vital shutdown CB position. Dat has been playing at a high level for the past 3 seasons and was a top 10 (easy) MLB last year. For that you want to offer a mid to low 1st(while Dallas will already have two higher selections in the round) and a guy who is probably relegated to 3rd RB status and who hasn't stayed healthy for the past 2 seasons.

    Its simply not an even trade. Not even close.

    But just so you know its not just me below lies the link to the message board where I asked what others thought. I was fully prepared to apologize had some indicated it seemed fair or sensible.

    As you are obviously too busy crying to rethink the trade I am through discussing it with you. My initial repsonse should have been what a poster said. "Not just No but hell No". The fact I took the time to try to explain it to you is obviously lost on your fragile psyche.
  16. Hostile

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    I love it. Thanks for quoting me. :D

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