Recap: Training Camp Tweets and Vids - 7/27/2014

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    It's delayed, but I had a little time, so I compiled a few tweets from yesterday's practice.

    Brandon George ‏@DMN_George 14h
    After not finishing team drills with cramps Saturday, Dallas Cowboys CB Morris Claiborne is in full gear for practice today on field now.
    Jason Witten ran onto field & saw fan in full Cowboys gear (including pads and helmet) wearing No. 82. He turned, nodded and smiled at him.
    Dallas Cowboys first-round pick RG Zack Martin taking backup snaps at center in walk-through to start afternoon practice.
    Dallas Cowboys have kicker Dan Bailey and punter Cody Mandell throwing passes up for defensive backs in practice.
    Second-team OL earlier for Dallas Cowboys (from left): Weems, Nwaneri, Zack Martin, Wetzel, Parnell.
    Dallas Cowboys OT Darius Morris also not in pads and not participating in practice today.
    1-on-1 drills: Inc pass to Williams w/ Scandrick covering. Williams tol ref 32 was holding. 32: 0-for-1; 83: oh, we're playing like that.
    Claiborne with back to back PBUs vs Dez to start 1-on-1, but Dez just beat him bad on double move for TD.
    Ref flagged Sterling Moore for holding in 1-on-1s vs WR L'Damian Washington. Ref said, "You're holding." Moore back to ref: "no I didn't."
    Tony Romo just had to scramble to his right quickly and threw ball to ground intentionally. He's still walking.
    Ronald Patrick getting backup center reps for Dallas Cowboys in team drills.
    OL Darrion Weems being talked to by Cowboys athletic trainers but appears OK.
    Coke Beasley with a nice diving catch from Brandon Weeden in 7-on-7. Fans clapped.

    Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame OL Larry Allen back at practice a 2nd consecutive day today:


    Jon Machota ‏@********** 15h
    Chris Whaley back with the Cowboys, wearing jersey No. 74.
    Cowboys rookie LB Will Smith at practice, but no pads
    Tony Romo at practice, wearing full pads
    Brandon Carr still dealing with his family situation
    No tackling but DeMarco Murray finished a run by putting his helmet into J.J . Wilcox's chest. Loud collision
    Cowboys fan in full pads


    Rod Marinelli doesn't have an off day. Yelling about finishing a drill right now.


    Marinelli coaching DeMarcus Lawrence


    Dez vs. Mo


    Rainer Sabin ‏@RainerSabinDMN 13h
    Orlando Scandricj makes nice interception during one-on-one drill. Brandon Weeden was throwing to Cole Beasley.

    David Helman ‏@HelmanDC 15h
    Gardner's shoulder injury is going to keep him out today. Cowboys are off tomorrow. Garrett's hopeful he'll be back Tues.
    lol. In a roundabout way, Jason Garrett just said he trolls his players to provoke them into performing. #TrollOn
    Dez beat Scandrick badly on an overthrown route on Sat. But Garrett said he told Dez that Scandrick "kicked his butt." Just to piss Dez off.
    Welp. Carter's back. Jogged out of the trainers tent and rant to the field with his helmet on. Looks like a false alarm for him.
    Someone said Dez was hurt, but he just split bracket coverage by Mo and Wilcox for a long gain. So. He looks fine.
    Weeden puts the snap on the ground. Hawkeye Tone (also known as Anthony Hitchens) recovers.
    Vantage point for 1v1 pass rush today is bleh. Cowboys are doing it on the near side of the field so it's hard to get close.
    Actually looked like Mincey got some nice inside leverage on Tyron Smith right there. Travis Frederick continues to be impressive.
    Practice ends on an overthrow by Vaughan. Looked like a miscommunication on the route.

    Rowan Kavner ‏@KavnerDC 13h
    Mo Claibornes broken up two passes in 1 on 1 vs Dez, the second on a really nice play. Scandrick has a pick

    Charean Williams ‏@NFLCharean 14h
    Rookie Ben Gardner (shoulder) could return to pratice Tuesday, Garrett said. Ron Leary also could be back then. No update on Brandon Carr.
    Dez beat Mo with a double move and asked videographers if they got it after he took it to the end zone.
    Zack Martin and brandon Weeden with a fumbled exchange
    DeVonte Holloman is leaving the field with Dr. Fowler carrying his helmet.

    Clarence Hill ‏@clarencehilljr 13h
    Scandrick with a pd in two on two. Scandrick balling right now
    Jeff Heath left field holding right wrist. Yes #38
    Dunbar on the screen game should be fun this year

    Tim MacMahon ‏@espn_macmahon 14h
    Orlando Scandrick on Cole Beasley: "He’s like that little fly that you can’t catch."
    Scandrick: "We were the last-ranked defense, so we can’t go anywhere but up from here, but that’s not going to change just by showing up."
    Mo Claiborne gets Dez Bryant in 1-on-1s today. Would have been called for holding first rep.
    Jason Witten catches a ball on JJ Wilcox, gets in his face and hollers, "All day!"
    DT Terrell McClain walks slowly off the field with a trainer.
    Dez Bryant torches Mo Claiborne on a slant-and-go and hollers to media behind end zone, "Y'all got that s--- on there, right?"
    Painful practice for the D: Bruce Carter leaving with a trainer now.
    Was Mo Claiborne sure he wanted Dez Bryant? 88 just caught a go route from Romo on Mo.
    First-round pick Zack Martin getting center reps with 2s. Just had a botched snap with Weeden.
    DeMarcus Lawrence whips Darrion Weems twice in pass-rush drills. Put him against Tyron Smith.

    Todd Archer ‏@toddarcher 14h
    Ronald Leary in shoulder pads but not full pads as works back from hamstring. Still on PUP. Darius Morris not in uniform. Limping good
    Hate this for the kid but Matt Johnson might've tweaked a hamstring in pursuit drills
    On a Lance Dunbar run looks like Jeff Heath banged up right wrist
    Sterling Moore picks Romo in 7 on 7 on throw to Devin Street

    rabblerousr ‏@rabblerousr 13h
    Callahan working with interior lineman on pulling plays: center and guard block down, other guard pulls around them.

    mike fisher ‏@fishsports 13h
    .@Bease11 with a diving deep-out catch on a Weeden throw. Hard to keep him of #cowboys field

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    Thanks as always, WG. You da real MVP!
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    Scandrick is very nifty at getting away with this.
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    Also not sure if Claiborne falling back to earth after Saturday...

    ...Or Dez is just unbeatable.
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    Carr and Mo going against Bryant all summer is a good thing. Same for Lawrence against Smith.

    Will make whomever they face come week 1 a walk in the park after going against two all-pro guys like that.
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    Jason Witten ran onto field & saw fan in full Cowboys gear (including pads and helmet) wearing No. 82. He turned, nodded and smiled at him.

    Where's Crazy Cowboy?
    He run out of his meds again?
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