Transcript of ESPN’s NFL Draft Conference Call with Mel Kiper Jr.

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    Q: Do you think there’s a chance Omar Bolden or Vontaze Burfict may not be drafted?
    MEL KIPER, JR.: It’s a chance they may not, but we’ll go to Burfict first. You think about the year that he had, which wasn’t spectacular, for the fact that he ran the five flat 40, the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties we chronicled. I had written about that all year. I think you look at Vontaze Burfict as a guy that has probably dropped as much in this draft in terms of his rating as probably any prospect in recent times in terms of going from an early rounder to being talked about now as a sixth, seventh rounder or undrafted free agent, in an inside linebacker group that frankly is very poor, very weak. There’s not that many, so this was a year where if you’re an inside linebacker, middle linebacker you thought that you would have had a reasonable good chance.

    Q: I wanted to see what you thought of Drew, Blair Walsh, and I guess Hilton, the top returner in the group.
    MEL KIPER, JR.: Yeah, T.Y. Hilton is the top returner, Rodgers from Cal Poly is a heck of a returner, there’s a lot of guys, Joe Adams is a phenomenal punt returner at Arkansas. A lot of things he did were highlight film material. Joe Adams, T.Y. Hilton, guys like that definitely can help you in the receiving game.

    I think in terms of the punters, Anger at Cal was a top punter. Butler is the second-highest rated punter. Both are day three guys, probably fifth- to seventh-round type guys. Shawn Powell from Florida State is think is your third punter, so those are your three that I think are at the top of the group.

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