Travelling Sunday; I might miss the game!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Tass, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Tass

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    Jeez. I have to go to the MEPS in San Antonio. I am enlisting in the Navy Reserve and I have to retake my physical and ASVAB. The shuttle leaves Killeen at 11am...I hope I make it to the hotel in time for kickoff!
  2. poke

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    take you a lil ole transistor radio, tons of texas radio stations carry the Boys,
    you might enjoy listening to it almost as much as watching.
    much better announcers for sure.
  3. WoodysGirl

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    I agree. From Killeen to S.A., he can try 1200 am first, then these: 820 am, 860 am, and I think 1400. I've unfortuately spent alot of time on the road during Cowboys games. Maybe even 790 am, too.

    Here's a link to help: http://www.**************/sharedcontent/dws/spt/football/cowboys/radio.html
  4. FCBarca

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    Streams, that's what many of us want/need :D
  5. Tass

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    Don't we have the late game this week?
  6. McCordsville Cowboy

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    You going to Great Lakes RTC this weekend?

    And usually MEPS isnt open on Sundays... You normally do physicals on Saturday morning and the ASVAB should be done well before that.

    And if I were you, I'd go in the Chair Force.. Hope you are getting a decent rate. If your retaking the ASVAB, thats not good for your choices.
  7. Tass

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    Where to begin with this one?

    I am travelling to the hotel on Sunday, staying overnight and going to the MEPS at the crack of dawn on Monday morning.

    I have to retake the ASVAB because my previous one with the 98 QT score is more than two years old. Same with my physical.

    I am too old to enlist in the AF and even if I could, my wife is active duty army and I don't feel like having a long-range marriage.
  8. seniorette

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    If you come back late be sure and have a flat and you might get to see Tony in person. Ha
  9. ZeroClub

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    Yup, according to the Time Warner cable schedule, kickoff is at 3:15 pm (or so).

    (That's 11:15 p.m., my time - too late for me. I'll have to record it on the DVR and watch it a day or two later.)
  10. McCordsville Cowboy

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    I was active duty in the Navy for 6 years and its hard to get co-located with any Non-Navy spouse. But since you are a reservist , it will be different for you. But.... if you do get mobilized you will be so out to sea.


    If you have a clean record and and any ASVAB 80+, be anything in the CT community. Its not traditional Navy in that you are soley a sea going rate. You'll wish you did once you see what they do.
  11. GimmeTheBall!

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    Just go AWOL. Some things are better missed than a Cowboys game.

    Seriously, go AWOL and we will all sign your excuse slip. If the govt. doesn't accept it then it just does not believe in justice, Dallas Cowboys and the Armenian Way of Life. And it possibly hates freedom.
  12. Tass

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    Well, I was planning to go IS but just found out (not 30 minutes ago) that Mrs. Tass is going back to Iraq in April. So now I have a choice...go Navy Reserve as an IS and miss seeing her these last 7 months until she deploys OR wait until she gets back and be an active duty member of the army.


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