Travis Frederick Comparison

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    1. BRIAN SCHWENKE | California 6030|314 lbs|4SR Oceanside, CA (Oceanside HS) 3/22/1991 (age 22) #57
    2012: (12/12) (OC) PROJECTION: 2nd-3rd Round
    2011: (12/12) (LG) MEASUREABLES: 6030 | 314 | 32” | 10 1-4" | 76 1-4”
    2010: (12/12) (8 LG, 4 RG) COMBINE: 4.99 40-YD DASH | 1.74 10-YD | 31 REPS | 26.5” V | 9-0 BJ | 7.31 3C | 4.74 SS
    2009: (12/0) (OL)
    STRENGTHS: Stout base and plays low to the ground, gaining proper leverage and holding his ground…snaps and sets quickly and gets in correct positioning…good mobility and easily gets to the second level…explodes through his hips to deliver a punch at the POA to latch-and-drive…aggressive off the snap and plays with controlled urgency…stays balanced and shifts his weight well in his movements…tenacious, nasty attitude…versatile experience over 36 starts (20 LG, 12 OC, 4 RG).
    WEAKNESSES: Only average frame and length for the position…gets himself in trouble when he allows his pads to rise off the snap, causing him to have troubles anchoring…needs to improve his awareness and anticipation to recognize defensive pressures, especially pre-snap, and can be late to react…lacks the overpowering strength to bully or redirect defenders…needs to consistently move his feet once engaged to sustain longer…room to harness his aggression better at the whistle.
    SUMMARY: Started two seasons at OG before making the switch to OC as a senior captain in 2012, having spent considerable time at each interior line spot…bursts off the snap, but doesn’t always appear to have a plan and can be late to react…aggressive hands and doesn’t shy from shooting into the breast plate of his target to jolt defenders…blocks with an attitude and has strong team character…will have some growing pains, but is position versatile and I’d expect him to start as a rookie.

    2. TRAVIS FREDERICK | Wisconsin 6035|312 lbs|4JR Sharon, WI (Big Foot HS) 1/1/1991 (age 22) #72
    2012: (14/14) (OC) PROJECTION: 3rd Round
    2011: (13/13) (11 LG, 2 OC) MEASUREABLES: 6035 | 312 | 33” | 10” | 79”
    2010: Redshirted COMBINE: 5.58 40-YD DASH | 1.91 10-YD | 21 REPS | 28.5” V | 8-1 BJ | 7.812 3C | 4.76 SS
    2009: (5/4) (2 LG, 2 OC)
    STRENGTHS: Nice job adding bulk to his frame, carrying his weight well…thick upper body with the base strength to anchor off the snap and hold his ground…mobile enough to get to the second level and block in space…top-notch football IQ to recognize what the defense is doing and adjust the OL…works hard with his technique and doesn’t make many mistakes…fights with a finishing attitude…high character individual and very coachable…extensive starting experience at both LG and OC.
    WEAKNESSES: Lacks elite athleticism and has some stiffness in his hips and ankles…doesn’t flash the natural explosion to snap and burst…needs to keep his weight in-check to stay mobile, struggling to pull and block on the move…susceptible to athletic interior defensive linemen off the snap and needs to set up quicker to gain position and square up in his stance…only average in pass pro and more of a short-area blocker…needs to play with more consistent joint bend and flexibility.
    SUMMARY: The anchor of the Badgers OL the past two seasons…good experience with 31 career starts (13 at LG and 18 at OC) at a program known for producing NFL-quality blockers…smart and understands scenarios, keeping his head on a swivel…NFL strength and competitiveness, but is only an average athlete and lacks natural bend or burst…limited explosion, but has the frame and power to manhandle defenders, create run lanes and start in the NFL at any of the interior OL spots.
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    only time will tell this stuff is useless
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    Schwenke is better in space but he fights to hold on against DT, Frederick anchors and dominates DT. I'm not saying Schwenke is getting ragdolled but the only guy with better power that I have seen than this guy is Worford.
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    "Top Notch Football IQ" and "Won't get bullrushed"

    These points stood out. Like Schwenke, but this guy is awesome.
    Romo can step up in the pocket. He'll also help the Gs. Great pick
    to start. This guy will be here for 10 years.


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