Travis Frederick looks like best lineman since Larry Allen

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theogt, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. RamziD

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    Travis Frederick just pushes people around. He is a bully :cool:
  2. rynochop

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    Settle down..all it will take is no running game this week, Romo sacked 5 or 6 times and a big L, and every post will be about how this line is garbage again.

    this was in response to the unedited post.
  3. Manster68

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    No argument here counselor!

    One thing Gurode proved to us is that when it comes to offensive linemen, it can take 3-5 years before they truly blossom.

    Nate Newton and Kevin Gogan was that way also. While we are at it, you can throw in Mark Tuenei as well.

    So when you get a Travis Frederick, the great Erik Williams, or the great HOF'er Larry Allen, you count your blessings.
  4. Manster68

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    Boy, come to think of it, wouldn't it had been nice if Travis Frederick relieved Ray Donaldson at the center position 17 years ago instead of ...

    ... (cough cough) Clay Shiver?
  5. dallasdave

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    Frederick is the base of offensive line. The center is where you start a line and we have a good one.
  6. dbonham

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    Having trouble editing my original post, so here you go
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  7. Zordon

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    he will only get stronger with woicik and better b/c he has work ethic and intelligence.
  8. tomduhain

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    Frederick deserves a great handle...consider ing what he does best...
  9. Hot_Toddy

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    Great post theogt and thanks for that gif dbonham.

    I dub Travis Frederick as "The Bison"

    He plays like a bison and has the same type of beard as a bison. And much like the history of the bison - Great centers were near extinction around here.

    Here's from the Bison fact sheets on the parks website - Seems like a strong comparison between Frederick and a bison:

    - "Longest hairs on beard"

    - "For their size, bison are agile and quick"

    - "moves with surprising strength and speed to defend their young" (such as Frederick pushing in our youngin' RB in the above gif - Very "Bison-Like")

    If you search Frederick's draft pic or any pic and look at it side-by-side with a front view close-up of a bison face - you may see what I mean with that beard...It's an amazing resemblance. ;)
  10. StarBoyz83

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    Really like frederick. Hes a solid center.
  11. BraveHeartFan

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    I don't care who it takes a few catches away from. I just want to see him utilized a bit more is all. As much as the Cowboys throw the football I'm sure they can find a way to get him a little more involved. That's all I'm saying.
  12. Nexx

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    Has Travis had a bad shot gun snap yet? We are usually good for a few of those a year
  13. lqmac1

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    I'm actually always optimistic, but some comparisons need to be held off for a while. LA is one of the GOATS at his position.
  14. dallasdave

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    Hope Frederick plucks some birds feathers today when we play the eagles.

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