Travis Frederick-One of the best inline blockers in the past few years

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by newnationcb, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Do you guys remember a quote like that from one of the draftniks?

    It was one of those guys who runs a website that said that right around the time of draft season after he started watching tape on him.

    I believe it was before the combine. I've been looking for a link.
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    Here you go...

    "Sources tell draft insider Tony Pauline that Wisconsin G Travis Frederick could be a surprise first-round selection.
    "One general manager has referred to Frederick as the best interior run blocking line(man) the draft has witnessed in more than a half-decade," Pauline writes. He continues to cite other sources that suggest the Colts or the Falcons as possible destinations. Pauline expects Frederick to weigh in around 315 pounds at the Combine."
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    I didn't see an unbelievable inline blocker.

    He locks on to guys but a lot of times he just stops his feet.

    Bump Fluker down to guard and I guess he is isntantly the best inline blocker in the last 20 years.

    BTW Leonard Davis @ Texas was nothing to scoff at.
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    He does not stop his feet he usually twists his body and seals the block no need to drive anymore. Watch Montee Ball always cuts and follows his blocks. Your opinion on Travis's blocking is really bad. You must have never played a Oline position. He always controls the point of attack and pancakes and seals his blocks. No wasted motion.
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    Oh thanks a lot for this!
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    Exactly the way it's supposed to be done. :)
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    I agree that his inline blocking is good.

    He is the worst pulling OL I have ever seen. The RB usually beats him to the hole or he is in the way and helps the defense make the tackle.

    He is also fairly poor at the second level often lunging and falling because of poor footspeed.

    The big plus that I see in him is that he seems to be a very good pass blocker from the film I have seen. When you combine those two skills that is not such a bad OG/C player but it'd be a mistake to ever try and run a screen with him or to ever try and pull him. He needs to be a Center or RG.

    I hope when they drafted him they had him plugged in for that role.

    Right now I hope he starts at RG, then Center can be a competition between Costa and Bern. Maybe we can keep Livings for a year at LG or alternatively in Bern wins at Center, maybe we can slide Costa to LG.

    This guy is not who I want in the modern NFL horizontal passing game and blocking in space but if we want a guy to run behind and to protect Romo he seems okay.

    I just wish we had traded back about 10 spots and then picked him while picking up another 3rd. I don't think he was a good value where he was picked because he has such a limited ceiling due to athleticism and marginal strength.
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    Wait was that GM Jerry? :D

    The "Colts" was actually Dallas but they didn't want to tip anybody off? ;)

    Anywho if the dude is at least average the o-line improves a great deal...:starspin

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