Trent Williams punched Richard Sherman

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Frozen700, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Williams did worse last year against Ware holding him on every pass favorite was when he tackled him and the ref must have been looking the other way.
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    This is the same guy, who was talking trash to Brady. He deserved the "push".
  3. BlueStar3398

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    After Williams shoved his face, Sherman stood back, threw up his hands like he thought it was funny he got under his skin. :laugh2: He is an antagonizer.
  4. Dallas

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    Well you get in my face like that, prepare to get your A%% kicked, is all we're saying. Talk all you want but don't cry when you get your teeth knocked down your throat like what Williams tried to do.

    You runts crack me up to no end. Got ALL the answers for everything.
  5. cowboy_ron

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    During the game that would be true..not after..all it showed was Sherman got in his head which is what he wanted to do...Sherman wins
  6. Dallas

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    Well, we aren't talking in the game, we are talking what took place after the game. If you go back previously in this thread, WG and I get on this scenario a bit. I recall saying I would not want it done in a game where the player/team could be punished by getting kicked out of the game and or major penalty.

    I have no problems when a man wants to get into it like Williams did after the game. Young players like Sherman need to realize that having the "right" to say what you want isn't always the best case scenario for doing so. Notice how Sherman doesn't want ANYTHING to do w/ Williams after eating that size XXXL glove to the face. He is looking for some help. :D
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    Sherman reminds me alot of Courtland Finnegan, except much smarter in the way he gets in the oppositions head.

    I hate Seattle and the way their secondary beat down our receivers. I wish we played that physical on defense. A couple of times Browner should have been penalized but nothing was called.
  9. Frozen700

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    Sherman Quotes....I love this dude, and his attitude

    -"A couple of times [opposing] receivers have told me, 'Great coverage' during a play," Sherman says. "As a competitor, you're kind of pissed off. Like, 'Don't tell me great coverage; keep running your route.' Of course it's great coverage. I'm supposed to have great coverage! But you're supposed to still be competing for the ball."

    -"A lot of coaches have come up to me and liked the way I played," he says. "They tell me I should've gotten picked higher and they don't know how they passed me up. But it doesn't help, because they did pass me up."

    -"I'll go say something to the quarterback," Sherman explains. "I'm like, 'Hey man, I'm over here. Don't be scared to throw it my way from time to time. I'm just your friendly neighborhood cornerback.' And then they'll throw it up. You've got to find a button, and push it.

    -"That happened in the [Oct. 7] Carolina game, right after halftime. Just coincidentally Cam [Newton] and I were crossing paths and I was like, 'Hey — hey [No.] 1.' He turned around and said, 'Wassup?' I said, 'Don't be afraid to throw me the ball. I'm probably gonna pick you off, though.' His [first play], he threw it up, a 'go' route. That's the one I batted away from Steve Smith. I mistimed my jump. I should've picked it."

    -"Everybody has a little swagger," Sherman says, "a little cockiness that says, 'OK, you challenge me — fine. I'm gonna challenge you back.' You've just got to figure out what this is, what it takes to get 'em to throw at you.

    -"It worked with Tom Brady. I wasn't getting very many balls that game. I just kept, constantly, saying, 'I'm over here. I'm out here. You're not throwing it to the edge very much.' And there was a play I was lined up in the slot, we were in man coverage with [Deion] Branch, and he threw it up, and I picked it. I almost got another one he threw to [Wes] Welker.
  10. Sifillest

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    yup. same reason I wanted us to get finnegan. we dont have many examples of fiery guys on the team....most successful teams have at least one dude like this.
  11. Future

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    He's DeAngelo Hall with talent.

    The Redskins have no right to whine, the biggest punk in the NFL is a key component of their secondary.
  12. MartinRamone

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    Sherman is my favourite CB this season, i like nasty players. I wish we had a couple of guys like him.

    At the other hand, i also wish we had players like Trent Williams, as a fan i prefer a player to react like this over walking away with a smile in their face after being eliminated. Not say it i support it, but i dont condone it.

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