News: Tribune: Emergence of RB DeMarco Murray has given Cowboys’ offense another weapon

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    BY JOE COWLEY September 30, 2012 9:40PM

    Linebacker Brian Urlacher wasn’t giving away the game plan as much as he was reiterating a philosophy.

    ‘‘Well, stop the run is No. 1,’’ Urlacher said of what the Bears have atop their to-do list Monday against the Dallas Cowboys. ‘‘That’s always our No. 1 goal.’’

    The Cowboys are counting on that.

    In watching game film — even going back to last season — the emergence of running back DeMarco Murray has given the Cowboys a new element on offense. That means an ability to sell a lot more play-action, a play they used five times in Week 3 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All five plays resulted in completed passes of at least 14 yards.

    ‘‘For us, it’s dictated off of personnel and
    coverage and where guys are,’’ quarterback Tony Romo said of what the Cowboys are looking for offensively each week. ‘‘And that’s how I look at the field. You’re looking at who is lined up where and with what coverage. A lot of different factors, [such as] down-and-distance. That’ll dictate where I go with the ball. As far as forcing the ball to a guy, we don’t do that.’’

    What the Cowboys do want to force is over-
    commitment by an aggressive defense.

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