Trip to Dallas (part 2)

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Parche, May 4, 2011.

  1. Parche

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    Hi everybody! My name´s Lucas and Im from Argentina. Some time ago, I created a thread where I told you that I was going to the USA, and obviously, to Dallas.

    Now that dream is closer than ever, tommorrow Im going to Buenos Aires where the Embassy is. They have to approve me so I can go to USA, and Im confident that there wont be any problem with that.

    After that, I just have to buy myself the tickets to fly and everything else, but I expect to be in Dallas in late May or early June.

    Ill reask the same things that ive asked before, with another new question hehe.

    Ill probably be in Dallas just one or two days, so my questions are:

    1) Do you texans have any holiday or non-working day in those days? I repeat, between late May and early June. (So I dont have the bad luck to visit Dallas and cant go to Cowboys Stadium because its not open).

    2) Is Cowboys Stadium far from the Airport? Is there any Hotel near the Stadium?

    3) Which other place do you think I should visit in Dallas?

    Thanks a lot for your time, and I wanted all you to know that a Cowboy that lives so far far far away is going to fulfill his dream :star:
  2. garyv

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    3) Hooters
  3. Parche

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    Sorry, didnt mention that Ill go with my brother and mother :p

    (Maybe I can leave my mother in the hotel :p jaja)
  4. jobberone

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    I hope you have a great time with your visit. I'm sure some fans from Dallas will help you.
  5. Parche

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    Yeah, thats what Im hoping for. Ill be there just a pair of days so I want to visit Cowboys Stadium and visit good places to get the Texan feeling!!

    Im buying a Cowboy hat surely too! :D
  6. danielofthesaints

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    Hey Parche, I have a question for you. I will be traveling to Peru/Bolivia from early july to mid august. Is there any possibility that I could find a bar in Bolivia (possibly Santa Cruz) that could televise the Cowboys pre-season games, or am I **** out of luck? Thanks.
  7. Parche

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    First than everything, I live in Argentina, not Bolivia... its not the same country and we obviously dont have the same TV channels.

    Having said that, we probably share the same ESPN and Fox Sports, channels that are the only two that show us the NFL.

    On those two channels, you can find:

    ESPN : ONLY the sunday night game, and monday night game. They show the thanksgiving games and playoffs games. Everything live.

    FOX: They dont show the games live. They only air the games that are shown by the CBS (I guess I am right, if its not, its the other one). They air the games at 2 am (argentina time) so I never watch games via fox sports.

    Well, all that to say that you wont find preseason games here in Argentina and Im pretty sure that you wont in Bolivia. The only hope you have is that they can watch the Fox Sports that Mexico has (its not the same than ours), there you can find some games, but I dont know bout preseason.

    EDIT: In Peru maybe you can have better luck, they have the mexican Fox Sports, so maybe you can watch the games. (in spanish of course)
  8. HoleInTheRoof

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    Hey Parche, I'm going to be visiting Costa Rica for a few days in June. Could you tell me the names of a few good restaurants?
  9. RamziD

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    Parche, I'm not from Dallas so I'll let others fill you in on the hotels and tourist attractions.

    May 30th will be Memorial Day. I'm not sure if Cowboys Stadium will be closed or not, but that is usually a day that everyone gets off work.

    Hope you have a great trip!
  10. Ranzo

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    1) should be fine, but check event schedule
    2) not all, 20-25 minutes in good traffic flow,plenty of hotels-Sheraton near Six Flags is a decent bet
    3) skip Dallas, and head to downtown Fort Worth, Sundance Square is the place you ought to be
  11. RCowboyFan

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    There are plenty of hotels near the Stadium. I think there is Mariott nearby too. You can probably just look up zip code of stadium and just look for hotels around that in Expedia or or something.

    Second, other than public holidays, Stadium I think is open for tours, but don't trust me that, you probably ought to call information or public relations for Cowboys. Shoudl be listed on

    Third, yeah, its better to stay near the stadium, but airport is about 10-15 miles from stadium so not too far. Only public holiday in May and June is May Day, i.e. end of may.

    Good luck and have fun. Don't forget to eat Tex Mex and Texas BBQ when in Dallas.
  12. Parche

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    Well, Youre joking right?
  13. Parche

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    Thanks everyone who has contributed with my trip. Im so happy, last thursday they accepted my visa solicitation and Ive already everything settled. Ill be flying to the USA next may 20th. In Dallas Ill be or in the first days of my trip, or the lasts ones.

    Thanks again to everyone, and Im so happy and excited about my Dallas visit, I hope I get the VIP tours tickets so I can tour almost everywhere in the stadium!

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