Trouble brewing at Oklahoma State

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by RS12, Sep 7, 2013.

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    It is one thing to be a fan another to contribute in a larger way.
    Most of these college kids can't affor dot take a date to the movies so tossing them 100 bucks goes along way and makes any "booster" feel truly invested.

    No one is out to hurt anyone by doing so.

    If the NCAA starts handing out a decent stipend this will be reduced mightily.
    A kid with enough money is far less likely to accept hand outs that could risk his college career.
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    I really appreciate Whitlock manning up here.

    What you usually get with media is a weird thin blue line as if these media types need to protect each other.

    Again, to be clear, this is nonsense reporting.
    It's players who were kicked of the team talking about very basic things that occur most places with little to no corroborating evidence.
    It is ridiculously sensationalized to grab as much attention as humanly possibly.
    Its media using someone else to prosper.
    It is as much as 10-12 years old.

    It s garbage.
    And I am not an OSU fan at all.
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    Is this a nail in the coffin for SI? Maybe not the last nail, but one of them. Because I've heard nothing but underwhelmed yawns at this story. And especially after the way they sensationalized it, bringing it out in the different sections like this was the biggest story of all time.

    Kind of sad in a way.
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    I disagree. When have you ever heard of a college kid to say "ok, cool, I have enough money so I don't need any more."..?

    Accepting a little money from one source makes it much easier to accept a lot from another. Please note I am not saying I have a problem with any of those things, I'm just saying that I think it is silly to suggest that giving players a little stipend will solve the problem. It won't.
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    Solve, no? Reduce? yes.
    Kids are invariably dumb but it is MUCH easier to make the point and see that a kid caught taking money loses his scholarship, AND MONEY.
    If the kid is about financial reward why not protect the money they are ALREADY getting??
    If a kid has nothing to lose but some game time that's pretty low risk to have actual money which is the basis for attending college in the first place.
    Give them a stipend and admit this is a job... which it is and the punishments then are even bigger because they have a very real financial component.

    It is absolutely ABSURD to live in the society we do then preach amateurism for college athletes.
    Colleges are clearly run as big businesses.
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    It is silly to say these kids have "nothing to lose." I'm not talking about losing their scholarships - which is certainly a consideration - but if they lose the ability to play, they potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) in pro money by falling from a top-10 pick into the 2nd round.

    I really have no major problem with giving the players a stipend. I'm just not foolish enough to believe that that will even remotely address solving the problems we see.
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    There are only 30 1st round spots regardless of pay.
    There are certainly more than 30 kids receiving illegal hand outs.

    Focus on the actual issue which is kids are generally FLAT broke and know that can be easily addressed.
    To think it wouldn't reduce it is being foolish.
    Any time you have more at stake you are less likely to take risks.
    If you have 2000 a month coming in, 100 bucks from a stranger has little appeal when it could cost you 8-10 grand that semester.

    That's just common sense.

    BTW, what player took some illegal benefit and then fell in draft recently?
    The best example may be Dez and he stayed in round 1 and is gonna be okay financially....

    Cam took quite a lot of cash almost certainly and went quite high still.
    The NFL could CARE LESS about taking money because they intend to pay the players.

    When these issues do come up it is almost always once a kid is a pro and has a pay check or is out of football altogether anyway.

    For a guy working in a warehouse making 12 bucks an hour he made 20k off his college career good for him.
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    Well that statement there kinda illustrates how much you have no clue what you're talking about...
    Sorry, but that's not "common sense" at all. If you're taking $2,000 a month from school, it is easier to take $100 because it is much easier to hide. These kids are getting scholarships and room & board worth tens of thousands of dollars, but they still risk that. I don't know why you think a little stipend is going to help. Paying college athletes will do nothing to solve these problems. It is foolhardy and naïve to think otherwise.
    He still lost a lot of money by slipping in the draft. Some had him as the #1 pick in the draft, but he fell to #24. That's only about a $25 million difference back then (but not as much today). So did Terrelle Pryor. And just about anyone that played at UNC a couple years ago...
    No foolin', but the NFL cares very much when a player misses games. Cam Newton and Reggie Bush didn't suffer because they were never punished while they were playing so they didn't miss any action. Threatening to suspend a player taking illegal benefits can cost a player hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    You think Johhny Autographed-Football would have committed his violations if he was facing a REAL chance to get REAL punishment?

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