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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by big_neil, Oct 10, 2005.

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    I was looking at Troy Aikman's career stats and wasn't too impressed. He never reached 3500 yards in a season. Drew had seven straight years with 3500 yards. Troy only had 20 TDs in a season once. Drew did it five times.

    Then I looked at his playoff stats: 11-5 career (one full season's worth). He nearly had 4000 yards in those 16 games. As of his 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years, he had 22 TDs and 9 INT.

    Didn't have the longevity but with 3 rings....
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    Your forgetting how good that team was. When were up big we didn't pass much. You may notice his attempts are low also. Look at % though. Troy was near the 60% range in completions often. We would get a lead, and run Emmitt. There is no proof that Troy couldn't have dominated had we used him like Peyton Manning. But there was no need to.
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    Not to mention that he only played all 16 games 3 times in his career, according to that stat sheet.
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    we were usually up by 3 scores at half so he rarely threw in the second half.
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    And i bet he holds the record for passes that ended up on the 1 or 2 the receivers wanted Emmitt to get the td.
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    3 Super Bowl wins is a great stat for any career. Take a look at his post season stats sometime. They tell the real story of how good he was.
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    his career was cut short as well, maybe by 3 yrs, he played what 10-11 yrs? Also one of the only #1 overall picks to live up to expectations....Bledsoe as well
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    If you want a sense of what Aikman could have been from a numbers perspective...the playoff game we lost to SF under Switzer in his first year is a great barometer.

    He was forced to throw on almost every down...with little pass protection...and he put up great numbers that day...
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    That playoff game was probably the best he has ever played.
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    Let me have Emmitt Smith in the backfield right? Should he not hand the ball off and take some losses just to pad his stats?

    He's not Favre....who passed for TD's at the 3 yard when he could have walked it in. Favre is a stat-padder unlike anyone that I have ever least he was awhile back.
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    Troy's greatest assets were his efficiency and his accuracy. It was not an uncommon occurrence for Aikman to go 18 of 24 for 205 yds and 1 TD as Dallas rolled 27-13. By the end of the first half, he'd be well on pace for 300, but much of the third quarter would be eaten alive by Deuce Deuce on one of those patented eight minute drives. An all too common thing, actually.

    And I miss it dearly.

    But yeah, that's how misleading these type of statistics can be.
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    Aikman was absolutely fabulous that day in the mud. Utterly courageous. He and Irvin both.
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    I don't remember Troy throwing four interceptions in the biggest game of his life.
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    Ahhh yes....another fan who has lost his way. When it comes to stats, there's no debate, Aikman lacks the numbers that match his legend. As a result, one can ask: why is Aikman a legend?

    Think to yourself why Aikman retired...that's right -- concussions.

    How is a QB forced to retire from concussions when he QB'd behind supposedly the greatest offensive line in NFL History?

    When you face NFL's fiercest pain-inflicters such as Reggie White, Seth Joyner, Lawrence Taylor, Charles Mann, etc twice a season, time is a precious commodity.

    As the likes of Reggie White rushes right at him, Troy Aikman waited until the last split second for his target to get open. Undaunted, he would step into the throw and deliver a strike as calm as if he was in his backyard playing catch with no rushers.

    While other quarterbacks would've thrown the ball away, thrown an INT, been stripped of the ball or taken a sack, Aikman delivered the first down.

    Staring down the barrel of the defense's gun, Aikman delivered with accuracy that other unharassed QB's could only dream.

    Aikman delivered 1st down after 1st down after 1st down. Without these first downs, we punt and Emmitt doesn't get as much rushes and more importantly, less wins and SB rings.

    Aikman is one of the greatest QB's of all time because of his toughness and leadership.

    Do me a favor and look at those statistics again. They may seem inferior to other QB's numbers, but trust me, every one of those yards were earned the hardest way a QB can.
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    darn right

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