Troy Aikman GM Chatter

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bleu Star, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. zrinkill

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    All this move would do is make Cowboy fans hate Troy.
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  2. 17yearsandcounting

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    Holding on to relics of glory like Campo, Lacewell, and The Garretts is a big reason why this team is looking 18 years of futility in the face.

    Quit trying to put the band back together
  3. Bleu Star

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    Some already do. They think he goes too far in criticizing the team in his current role when all he's really doing is remaining impartial.

    But.. On the flip side, what if he excels and everyone ends up loving him even more. He would become a serious legend around here.
  4. Bleu Star

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    Hahah.. I would take Troy and Irvin in a New York minute. The rest of those names you mentioned don't inspire any excitement over here.
  5. Aven8

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    In the immortal words of Big Bill, "you've been sucked!"
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  6. Nirvana

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    What the team has lacked is a guy who can spot talent and draft those players or sign those free agents or make those trades with other teams. And who knows when to let a player go or trade him. Aikman does not bring such a resume to the table.

    That said, I'd love to have him aboard.
  7. Risen Star

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    There's no telling how well he'd do but I sure as bleep would take my chances with him over what we have now.
  8. Hardline

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  9. Redball Express

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    Not sure what you are implying?

    Jerrah as GM without Jimmy as HC has netted us bubkiss.

    Now Jimmy isn't coming back.

    And Bill Parcells has left the building for the Hall of Fame.

    So the question is..

    Would Jerrah listen to Troy?

    would Troy listen to Jerrah?

    Would it be worthwhile financially for both parties..

    then why not?
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  10. Bleu Star

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    Yessir! My thoughts exactly. Why not give it a shot?
  11. Bleu Star

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  12. Fredd

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    people are saying how much Troy would be "unliked" if he becamse GM and bombed....what if he went to another organization as GM and was successful?

    I say bring him or Staubach in to run the team....
  13. Bleu Star

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    Dude.. Exactly. People would be ready to riot if Jerry let him go be a GM at another team and that team ends up in the Super Bowl. People would crash CZ servers.
  14. WV Cowboy

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    Whether Aikman ever played for the Cowboys or not, .. are you not impressed with him as a man, .. impressed with him as a football mind, .. impressed with his observations and opinions of football and the NFL?

    Considering his close experience with many, if not all teams over the past 10 years he has touched shoulders and spent time watching and talking to every GM in the NFL over that time period. (maybe not every, but a lot)

    Between him interviewing players / coaches / and GM's he has a broad perspective of all football operations of many teams.

    I think he would be a great GM. I am sure he has an idea already as to what a GM needs to do to be successful. Once he was on the job in Dallas I am sure he would take it very seriously, and have great passion to see Dallas play for Super Bowls again.
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  15. DFWJC

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    Troy left the door open to someday be considered for a GM somewhere.

    Troy clearly slammed the door shut on being the Cowboy GM while Jerry is the owner. That was 100% clear.
    He even followed that up by talking to more than one media outlet about how Dallas does not have a direction like many teams...and he not so sublty made it clear that jerry was the reason. He was polite at lease in saying that regarding the Cowboys "now is not the time".

    FWIW, I think Aikman could possibly be a very good GM.
    Let's not confuse a fairly business savvy Aikman with a true business wiz in Elway though. Few NFL players have ever been as good at business as Elway.
    I mean, Elway made over 100 million from his car dealerships alone over the years and sold the franchise for 82 million.
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  16. Little Jr

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    Why don't we just hire sapp as the gm, he played the game. Why not simms? He played the game and been calling games longer than aikman. How mike? Lwts just bring in any ex player who played the game and has no front office exp to run the team. Sounds like a great plan to me. Kind sounds like what we have now.
  17. RXP

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    Ozzie Newsome says hi.
  18. romomania

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    why are people against this, Troy couldn't do worse than what we already have....just a reminder 1 playoff win in 18 years. Any change should be a welcome change.
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  19. RXP

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    From what I hear, Aikman makes around $10M a year at FOX.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    Not at all IMO. The difference is that Troy is 1) a complete no-nonsense bottom line guy, and 2) extremely competitive. I think Troy would be a good GM because, like any good executive, he would demand results and fire those who couldn't get the job done. If you ever hear Troy interviewed, he's a deadly serious guy. You get the feeling he'd fire his own mom or dad from a job in a heartbeat if they didn't produce.

    And that would be the difference between him and Jerry. Jerry doesn't demand results on the football field and doesn't replace people who can't get the job done because his agendas of building his wealth and his ego are more important to him. That's why almost everyone in place is a family member, including his current head coach who has proven himself to be an inferior coach, but hey, he's in the family portrait.

    Which is why this is all pipe dream talk. It won't ever happen here under Jerry.
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