Troy Aikman: Not sure coaching changes make Cowboys better

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Jan 24, 2013.

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    I agree that ultimately talent makes a difference and fixing the O-line would go a long way toward fixing any problems. However, I disagree about the play-calling. The right calls can make a difference. I just read in Dallas Cowboys Star magazine a good breakdown on how effective Dallas has been with counter running plays (I think the author wrote that we ran six all season, which is hard for me to believe ... but we didn't run many), and how few times the Cowboys ran them last year instead relying on the dive much, much, much more. To me, this was an especially glaring issue against the blitzing Redskins in the final game. (It's also the one reason, aside from injury, I feel Felix became less and less effective the last couple of years.)

    Callahan might be calling from the same playbook, but he doesn't have to call the same plays. He can mix in draws and screens, more play-action passes (another statistically successful play for Dallas that was seldom-used) and even a few trick plays that Garrett for some reason seemed to forget he had in the playbook even after his team used one of those plays with success.
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    If Jerry pulls the same crap as he does every year with the OL and DL then my interest in this team will plummet. There are better ways to spend my time and other forms of self-abuse that are more entertaining for that matter.
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    No doubt about it. I never saw Callahan holding the playsheet up to his mouth talking to Tony.

    The best playcallers have a feel for the game and an anticipation of what the other side is going to run. Tim Brown talked about Gruden having that. Norv Turner runs the same system as Garrett, but he has that. It's one reason he's a much better OC than Garrett.
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    Its going to be awefully difficult. Because of the salary cap mess, I don't see Jerry making a big fa signing. The Boys are going to have to come away with a great draft to plug most of the holes on this team imo.
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    Kiffin has Marinelli on staff so his age should be moot now.
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    It shouldn't be a concern regardless.
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    I thought Ryan was nothing more than smoke & mirrors so, from that perspective, I disagree with Troy. The defensive shift is welcomed. I also think we will benefit in a major way by having one person operate as HC and another (more experienced) person calling the plays. I will say it until I am blue in the face. JG was in over his head trying to do both. These changes, along with an emphasis on strengthening both sides of the trench, will place JG in position to finally enjoy some success. It should have been this way day one when JG was promoted to HC...
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    Franchising Spencer again might be the "big FA signing." I agree that Dallas won't make a splash, but not because of the salary cap mess since it can be negated. I think the Cowboys won't make a splash because they dipped into FA to fill their holes last year, specifically with Carr, Livings, Bernadeau.

    The only considerations they might have are a 4-3 "nose guard" type because of the defensive switch, a cheap SLB and a right tackle because of the failure of Free. And I can see the front office believing we have players in-house to play all three of those positions (Brent/Ratliff/Lissemore, Albright/Wilber, Parnell).
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    ..with the NFL imposed sanctions on us right now. Signing our own FAs, drafting new guys and then signing any meaninful FA is going to be darn near impossible.

    This requires the team to redo Romo's deal and extend him, probably Ware as well.

    So..good luck with upgrades right now IMO.

    I think we are in for another rebuilding year, sprinkle in a few middling FA deals..cutting players to save cap and drafting a ton of new players we can afford and groom.

    Then we wait for the coaching job to bare fruit or not. If not, a new HC will arrive.

    Best we can hope for. My biggest issue with all this is that this team has consistantly underperformed since Parcells arrived except for his very first year and the players just in my opinion..don't want it bad enough.

    For most of our team, I really think they are satisfied with being on the team, drawing their over-paid salaries and playing in that incredible stadium.

    They all for the most part have reached their ceilings. They are not concerned with their place in team history, their W-L record or their legacy.

    It's really a lot worst than any of us imagine.

    Just my feeling after watching every team this franchise has had since 1964.

    It's not there.


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    You gotta be kidding me, man. Did you not watch last season and see the fight this team had? Maybe in 2008 our team had no fight and guts, but you'd be lying if you didn't think the team this year fought and worked every second of every game. Not trying to be rude, but I don't know what team you were watching last season to come up with that conclusion.
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    Fixed it for you.
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    But, but, but, I have been told by the Garrett homers that in no way shape or form was Garrett being demoted, emascalated, or being made a puppet. All of these decisions were his and his alone in consultation with Jerry.

    Apparently Aikman didnt get the memo.:D
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    While the coaching staff of this past year was not perfect by any means I do think the coaching staff did well. They developed a team that played to the end every week so the culture in that aspect changed. I do not think coaching was the primary issue to the mediocrity of the team this season.

    What I would have liked to have seen is the progress of the coaching staff combined with better choices made with the roster. The GM has provided a roster in certain positional areas that the coaching staff, both this past season staff and the new staff, just won't be able to overcome.

    Will Kiffen overcome the deficiencies at DL and the safety position that Ryan couldn't? We saw Callahan make "some" progress with the OL but was he able to overcome the roster issues handed to him?

    Coaching cannot overcome roster deficiencies. Not all the way. Somewhere the two need to meet in the middle. Some of the coaches this past season were at the middle...they were standing alone, waiting for the other party to arrive and that party never arrived.
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    I have been for 17 freakin' years. Wake up and smell the coffee. You're homerism is quite noticable.
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    Thanks. No need to wake up. You think your the only fan thats noticed the futility of this team the past 17 years? Whats the point of constantly whining and crying about Jerry this , or Jerry that? To borrow your phrase "wake up and smell the coffee". Jerrys not going anywhere. I personally will hope that Jerry and co. can make some good fa signings and have a productive draft, instead of complaining.
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    lol@ the folks thinking they know more than a HOF QB about coaching.
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    Good point. Troy usually doesn't speak out like that, regarding Jerry.
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    Troy's right.. Correct..
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    They blew this season due to the turnover differential. Playcalling might help with that some if they come up with ways to offset the blitz more effectively, but mainly they need to pass, run routes, and block more effectively to improve that ratio. If you believe that 60-75% of the interceptions were the fault of the receivers running the wrong routes, then, yeah, that would be a coaching issue. However, that's more of a discipline issue than playcalling. Also, I can't think of another team where fans/media/whoever blamed that many of its picks on the receivers being stupid.

    Regarding the slow starts...Tony has struggled in the first quarter for much of his career. That was true before Garrett, but granted that was only one season. Tony's had two seasons where his first quarter qb rating was pretty good, but in the rest they've been awful. I don't feel like looking up the numbers again, but it's happened enough that I don't think it's just a JG issue. If Callahan is given a strong enough line to run the ball early on while Tony settles in, that would help more than anything. General trends be damned.

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