Troy Aikman thinks the Cowboys lack a guiding philosophy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by birdwells1, Feb 6, 2014.

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    It is good to see Troy Aikman give a vote of confidence (albeit indirectly) to the current offense despite the uncertainty involving the team's philosophical direction.

    Getting back to the thread topic, it would have been great to see Jon Machota (who wrote the article which's story relates to) ask Jerry Jones his opinion of Aikman's comments. How would Jones respond to what his former Hall of Fame quarterback had to say? I believe those are the types of questions which make Jones pause and reflect upon.

    Not saying he would necessarily react in a way which would have immediate proactive benefits for the franchise, but whether it would cause Jones to stop and actually think of others' viewpoints about the Dallas Cowboys. And when I say others, I am referring to those people Jones holds a measure of respect for. Because, in my opinion, there are very few individuals in this world whom I believe he gives a rat's behind what they think about either him or how he runs his organization.
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    I get things have not been good around here for awhile, and there's not much reason beyond blind hope to think they're going to improve. However, I've said it once and I'll say it again: One strong off season can completely turn around a franchise. Two years ago, who saw Seattle becoming the powerhouse they are now? In game 2 of the 2012 season, they were coming off a loss to a terribad Arizona season; we were coming off a win against the reigning Super Bowl champions; and, they cleaned our clock. I'll be honest with you: I thought Pete Carroll was a joke before that game. Joke was on me.

    Unexpected turnarounds happen.
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    Dont take this the wrong way, but Troy or anybody else doesnt need to read your posts to figure it out.
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    They do have philosophy, it's called: copy the guy that seems to be enjoying success at the present time.
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    No ****, Troy.
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    Smith and Irvin were great players. Both Diamonds.
    But as coaches, forgetaboutit! They is players not thinkers.
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    I C wut u did their.
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    Never liked Troy anyway.

    Right guys? Who's with me?
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    distinct advantages....
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    Remember that "Aikman should be GM" thread? yeah, not so much now...Jones will not be happy with one of his former players taking shots at him...
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    Don't know what team you are following..

    but if you read between the lines..

    what the team needs is a GM.


    He's not saying him necessarily.

    But like they did with Elway in Denver..

    offer Troy a piece of the team..

    ..with offers to let him have a bit more if things go well.

    This team needs a major transfusion of energy and credibility.

    Aikman being hired would DWARF the Jimmy Johnson hire.

    Dwarf IT !!
  12. OhSnap

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    Sounds great but I think those guys could show ya how to do it better than they could tell ya how to do it.
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    What they need is sound and consistent decision making, and then follow it up with drafting, player acquisition and roster refining that follows the plan they decide upon.

    I don't care if it's a Jones, Smith or Williams or what position they occupy... Just so the job gets done.

    Quite frankly we both know a GM hire isn't going to happen, but who knows about a consulting position who only has to be responsible to Jerry.
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    That's exactly what he's saying.

    That's exactly what they need.
  15. cml750

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    So Troy is basically saying Garrett's "process" is not working. It is about time he comments on the obvious.
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    No. I respectfully disagree. That's not what he's saying.

    Now could a GM fulfill that desire to achieve year-to-year stability? You bet.

    But that could also be done under the current structure. Stability is as much a mindset as it is anything else.
  17. Wolfpack

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    It actually would be a great way for Jerry the GM to start to step back. He would be loved for making the right more with a Cowboy icon.

    Too bad Jerry said that 2013 was one of bios best GM'ing years and that he wants to do this for another 10+….ugh.
  18. Tawney88

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    They really do because as history shows this is what our current GM does.
  19. BoysFan4ever

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    I don't think Troy is impressed by the Cowboys secret sauce or Jerry looking for a **********.
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    Troy is right and I have been wanting to hear this narrative more than I have heard it. The Broaddus' (I still think he is great), Mickeys and other heads seem to like this chasing the title every year crap instead of actually building something lasting and deliberate. The mindless chatter this go round about getting a defensive lineman at all costs as if two more defenders will break the 8-8 cycle.

    Another poster in this thread talking about drafting better in rounds 3-7 (I understand the comment). Who cares how well you draft. You are adding players into a philosophy-less team making any success arbitrary and not on purpose. I don't care if they throw 50 times/game or run that many times. Just decide and then grab the players that suit the philosophy. Same for the D.

    The Cowboys are the TGIF Fridays of the league. Always happening, everything on the menu, entertaining for young and old and they are popular in every city. No one goes there though if they want a great steak, fresh seafood, authentic Italian etc. That is the 49ers, Seahawks, Patriots of the NFL. Run by cooks and not chefs, these kinds of operations change menus and specials weekly. What a joke Jerry and his BOYS are yet I still love them. Only difference is they have not gotten any of my $$ for a long time. Not that they care.
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