Troy Aikman thinks the Cowboys lack a guiding philosophy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by birdwells1, Feb 6, 2014.

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    I'm the biggest Jerry hater of all, well I thought I was until recently. Y'all have to stop this Jerry dying thing. It's childish, beyond ridiculos, and even evil for y'all to be wishing death on people. Karma is real and bad news. I can't stand the man, but why talk about someone dying. He's someone's dad, grandpa, husband, brother, friend, etc. Would you like it if someone started talking about someeone close to you dying? Just think about it...
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    I was being funny.
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    The thing is, and I'll put it another way. The first thing they need to do is decide who's the boss, and whomever the boss is, needs to lay down the philosophical foundation of this team. (for example) Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to be a ball control strong offensive line team, and our defense is going to be the strength of this team. I'm willing to score less, but I'm not willing to give up a ton of points. We need on offense, a QB who can just move the chains. We don't need a super star fling it all over the field type guy, just someone who can make a few plays, enough to get us down the field, and the ground game to pound it in. We will only spend big dollars on the offensive line, that's it.

    On defense, we will storm the back field and shut down anything that goes in the air. Nearly every dime of our money is going on the defense. We need to draft fast people. Yes they need to be talented, but let's think speed first. Teams like to throw, so then we want to kill QBs. We want linemen every draft. If you are a weak link on our defensive line, you will be replaced. We need big fast safeties. I don't care what round they come from, I just need them. We need coaches who can teach. We may get guys that have the talent, but not necessarily know how to get things done, so we need coaches who can teach these guys.

    We need a coach who is VERY experienced. A coach who knows how to deal with today's player. A coach who knows and has proven himself on any level. Someone who is willing to keep this philosophy in place and who's accustomed to our philosophy.

    We will not play vets unless we are CERTAIN, we can count on them. But some vets we'll let walk.

    (end of example) I don't care what the philosophy is, just get one. And don't change it up, no matter if it seems like it's working or not, stick to it. And get a coach who can push this scheme. Allow the coaches for this philosophy to choose his own staff, and get out of the way. Don't just start drafting folks, draft people who fit this mold. Feel free to pass over super stars if it's not a part of what you do. But if you find a STUD, who fits this mold, jump all over it.

    At this point, it's up to the GM to make sure the coach has everything he needs to operate this philosophy. Get the talent needed specifically for this scheme and let the chips fall where they may.
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    You mean a franchise that has had 5 defensive coordinators since 2010 and 3 different offensive playcallers isn't rock solid? Geez, who would have thunk it?
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    Thanks Jerry!

    {tongue in cheek}
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    Its all part of the PROCESS
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    I didn't say I wished that or wanted that to happen. All I said is nothing is going to change until that time comes and that time will come as it will for all us.
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    He's dead on target though.

    I think it explains why se "now is not the right time" for him to be the Cowboy GM instead of saying he would never consider it.
    Although he may like Jerry okay personally, he does not at all want to be a GM under thhim. Having little ultimate control is not in Aikman's make-up.
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    The American language is under siege!
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    Funny you mention that.
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    With you hep we can turn it around.
    If JC taught me one thing it is that proper language and a good parking space counts. I would hate to see the country lose its good American language and then when we go to the AutoZone we cant be understood or nothing.
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    I will do what I can.
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    I find irony in your words Gimme.
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    Vague, yet, existentialist. I dig it.
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    Together, we can make it work.
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    Troy hasn't revealed anything that most Cowboys fans haven't been aware of for decades. This team has more than it can do every year just to plug the desperate holes it leaves due to its poor cap management and failing to integrate its personnel properly into an established system. It's been about two decades since we even had an identity to identify. What Troy is saying lately about our team management fits into the category of old news.

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