Troy & Rayfield

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by jackrussell, Aug 5, 2006.

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    With two of the six enshrinees having played for America's Team, it's no stretch to predict that Dallas Cowboys jerseys will dominate the scene at tomorrow's ceremony. I stopped by the Hall this morning, and the Dallas jerseys in and around the museum easily outnumbered the combined total of all the others.
    I was standing on a line at one point behind a guy in a Randy White jersey, when some old guy in a dress tapped him on the arm and said, "Hey, does your mama know you're wearing that?"

    The Dallas fan turned around to see it was one of the original "Hogettes." No Redskins in this year's HOF class, but apparently the Hogettes make the trip every year, regardless.
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    Quite the unlikely pair. I'm sure neither one gave the other much thought on a personal level until now. Strange how life works. These guys, separated by many years and a whole other culture(both on and off the field) will now be linked forever.

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