True Detective

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  1. Heisenberg

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    Yeah. I can't really disagree. I'm definitely going to miss Marty and Rust though.

    And man, what amazing acting there at the end.
  2. Christiann

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    Great ending, and overall great show.
  3. bark

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    On the whole this was a great series. The finale left me wanting a bit .
    This was such an ambitious undertaking that it left many things unresolved in the end. Now I don't need all my mysteries tied up with a nice neat bow but ......

    I would have like to known what happened with Marty's daughter / in-laws

    Obviously there were many more men involved in these ritual killings......Was the lawn mower man actually the yellow king or did he just procure the children for the ceremonies? What was the governor's level of involvement ?

    Lots of loose ends .... Anyone think the story picks up here next season? I've read the Matt / woody combo won't be back , so who knows.
    Overall a great watch.....
  4. FiveRings

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    Loved the last line. Hart goes: "Do you need to go back to get...clothes, or anything?"
    Cohle replies: "Nah, anything I left back there, I don't need"

    Clearly symbolizing Cohle turning a page in his life and finally being able to move forward. Thought that was so cool
  5. theogt

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    I really don't see why anyone ever suspected the inlaws at all. It just didn't make sense to me at all because there simply wasn't any evidence (or really any implication from the writing). The daughter's drawing was just so vaguely similar that it didn't really require any connection to the case at all -- it was simply what she said it was.

    The Yellow King is just some god their religion worshipped, not an actual person. As to the others involved, I loved the intrigue of the author implying even the FBI was part of the cover up. I think the "family" had long since moved on. The senator and his ilk no longer were involved. The tape and the photos in the dead pastor's place were so old, after all. And Errol (the lawnmower man) was sort of the last of his kind. So, in that sense, Marty and Rust had done their job -- as one of them said, they "got OUR man". The info is out there, so someone else with more capability can chase how far up in power the cover up goes, but it's really of no consequence in terms of stopping further murders.

    No, they've absolutely said without a doubt that the next season will have no connection whatsoever to this story.
  6. theogt

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    The finale was chock full of great dialogue/scenes.

    "Did you really think of me as a talker, rather than doer?"

    "Once there was only dark. If you ask me, light’s winning.”

    Marty: "Well I'll come back by tomorrow, buddy."
    Rust: "Why?"
    Marty: "Don't ever change, man." *flips the bird*
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  7. honyock

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    I thought it was really well done. I'm glad they played it as a straight detective finale, without trying to tie up every loose end. They did their job, got their man and left it to others to sort out any wider investigations.

    I was a little surprised that Marty's oldest daughter's behavior was never really addressed - it was dangled out there pretty obviously early on. But it didn't detract from the finale.

    That first 30 minutes was as creepy as anything I remember seeing on TV. The last scene with Rust, Marty and the night sky was just great, spot on writing and performances, a perfect ending.
  8. funkytown

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    Pretty good finale. It did leave me wanting a little more.

    Guess I wanted to see them uncover who all was involved, and have the whole ring exposed.
  9. Denim Chicken

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    I believe Marty's oldest daughter was somehow abused by the group--she arranged her dolls with 5 men dolls around a nude barbie (just like the video), drew the pictures of sex, and acted out as a teen in a sexual way. I'm surprised they didn't get back to that, but it was definitely implied.
  10. speedkilz88

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    And the spiral drawing.
  11. DFWJC

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    This guy has really evolved as actor.
  12. funkytown

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    Cant believe there hasnt been more talk about this show. I guess not everyone is up to date on True Detective, but it was an amazing show.
  13. Heisenberg

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    It really was a great first season. I'm not sure how they can top or match it, but as long as they get some high caliber actors as leads for season 2, I think they'll be off to a good start. I can't wait to see who they pick.
  14. Roadtrip635

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    I'm looking forward to next season as well. As long as the stories/scripts are strong, I think they could definitely continue to draw high caliber actors, especially with the shorter 8-10 episode commitment. I could see actors that normally wouldn't consider doing a traditional format TV series being drawn to a project like this. I kinda like the feel that each season is like it's own short story. It will interesting to see who gets cast for Season 2.
  15. CowboyFan74

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    Marty may have said we got our man but Rust said he felt like there was still more out there..

    Can't wait for next season...
  16. viman96

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    Just watched the last episode. I spaced watching it a couple of weeks ago. Great show and really looking forward to next season.

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