Tucker going unnoticed

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Nov 18, 2005.

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    I for one think the change since Flozell left is beyond obvious,,, this offense has had to shut down a big part of what made it so successful early this season. The WR routes are shortened and one of our biggest weapons (Witten) is no longer a factor because the TEs are now blocking,,, the running game is struggling now because other teams don't have to worry about TEs or a deep threat. The change from Flozell to Tucker has taken this team out of late playoff contention unless he can improve greatly over the next 7 games(we can only hope).
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    :bow: no kidding. Some people just can't move on.....
  3. DLCassidy

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    Tucker has been better than I expected. Of course I expected very little.
  4. junk

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    That "scrub" is Trent Cole who, according to the announcers, the Eagles feel is one of their better pass rushers.

    Having said that, I still think the OL is worse off with Flo out.
  5. DC Cowboy

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    That one guy did beat him several times with that inside move but Flo has problems with speed guys also.
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    I didn't mean that I was expecting him(Rogers) to be a superstar. My point was that the draft reports I read on Rogers said that he had had numerous surgeries in college which tranlates to durability problems. If you can't stay healthy in college, how can you stay healthy in the pros. To me, those reports indicate a red flag. I've read that Pittsburgh which has an excellent reputation on drafting, never drafts players who are injury prone or have character problems in college. If my amateur drafting skills can turn up the fact that Rogers was injury prone or that Al Johnson had a bum knee in college, I would think the pros with their resources could figure it out too.
    Rogers' problem wasn't that he didn't have talent, he just couldn't stay on the field and it seems risky to me to take chances with day one picks. In three years here, Parcells has taken chances on Al Johnson, Jacob Rogers and Kevin Burnette, all second rounders, and all have been injured since they've came here. That sounds kind of careless or reckless in my opinion.
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    Carter has stayed on the field unlike Rogers, never was lost for the year like Al Johnson and started unlike Dixon and has put up the 6th highest passing yardage total in Cowboy history and taken the team to the playoffs. Your overthetop criticism of Carter and other 'running' qbs shows you're more interested in style over substance. Carter is better than a third of the starting qb's in the NFL and if Joey Harrington or Kyle Boller had shown as much as QC has shown, their fans would in ectasy.
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    He got cut in preseason. Already trying to get on with another team from what I read.
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    Tucker has done pretty well but he's obviously a step down ability wise from Adams. Adams can get beat by speed rushers but he is pretty darn good at run blocking and generally good in pass protection. Tucker's been mediocre run blocking and maybe a little better than expected pass blocking. He's coming along, but he's not there yet.
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    i thought rogers was cut? did we resign him? i didn't see where they resigned him.
  11. burmafrd

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    Outside of the fantasy about the bust QB from GA, I think that Al Johnson is OK, and So is Gurode. ROgers was a bust, no doubt. As was Dixon. A 2nd RD pick is supposed to be a very solid starter- not a pro bowl, but good. By THAT criteria, we are batting about .500 over the past 4 years.
  12. jay cee

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    Carter is out of the league, Dixon also I believe, Rogers seems to be done as a Cowboy, Gurode is a backup to Johnson, and Johnson is just OK.

    It looks like the Cowboys have not done a good job with those 2nd round picks to me.

    I'd have to say so far Johnson and Carter looks to be the best 2nd rounders they have taken during that stretch. That's not good IMO.
  13. dbair1967

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    Flozelle Adams was a 2nd rd pick, he's pretty good...Julius Jones was a 2nd rd pick, he was damn good last yr...Kevin Burnett we dont know about yet...Randall Godfrey was a 2nd rd pick too

  14. Mr Cowboy

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    Larry Allen was also a second rounder, so was Solomon page. We have not had much luck with 2nd round players.

    Carter, Dixon, Page, Gurode, Rogers...........................
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    Tucker got manhandled against Philly. He made that rookie look dominant.
  16. Billy Bullocks

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    The whole O-Line played badly, but Tucker got beaten by a backup D-End.

    He's been OK. I wouldn't really give him more credit than is due, which means he has been average. The lack of running lanes can be put on the line, but I would much rather pound behind Allen and Flo, rather than Tucker.

    Center is going to get addressed in the draft, Johnson just isn't powerful enough. I think Allen has a few good years left in him. Adams will be back to starting next year. Tucker has proven to be a good backup, but I wouldn't trust him with the starting job. Pettiti has been more than a pleasant surprise at RT. He held Kearse down pretty well both times, and Strahan. He gets a bit of help, but he definately is playing well. We may keep him out there next year. He's showed alot of heart this year, especially after that horrible AZ game, he came out and played pretty well.
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    I can only assume most of you didn't watch Tucker closely, but are going by the two sacks. He handled Cole -and the various other guys who lined up across from him - on virtually every play but one.

    Contrary to many posts, he wasn't "dominated". Cole made a great move and got a sack against him, but the first sack wasn't Tucker's fault. Bledsoe had plenty of time (4 seconds) and stepped right up into Cole. On almost every pass play, Tucker stalemated his guy. It was by no means a great performance, but given what he is, it wasn't bad.

    Tucker also did a reasonable job in run blocking. Certainly no worse than the rest of the OL.

    BTW, I really liked Trent Cole. I was really hoping Dallas would draft him.
  18. Bob Sacamano

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    I liked Trent COle as well
  19. DallasDomination

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    *** is this?

    Tucker isnt doing anything special...IF anything I still see him getting blown by.

    He needs to get his fat butt moving because at this rate Bladsoe will not make it far.
  20. MichaelWinicki

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    I disagree. I thought Tucker did OK. One of those two sacks was Bledsoe's fault.

    Actually you go back and watch the game and you'll see the pass protection wasn't that bad.

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