Twas the Night Before Kick-off

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Fredd, Sep 3, 2013.

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    So I got a little excited with opening night upon us (this is a little long). Here is my opening night poem:

    Twas the night before kickoff, and all ‘cross the league
    Front offices were stirring, excited, intrigued.
    The off-season over, it’s time to play ball,
    The giants are coming, they don’t seem so tall.

    The Zoners were nestled, all snug in their beds,
    While visions of touchdowns danced in their heads.
    And Reality and others were ready to mod
    ‘Cuz zoners complain, wish they’d stop, OH MY GOD!!!!

    When out in the living room, there arose such a clatter
    I sprang from my bed, to see what was the matter.
    Away to my flat screen I flew like a flash,
    Jumped on to the couch, glad the remote wasn’t smashed!

    The TV was flipping from one program to the next
    I picked up my cell phone, just who should I text?
    There was football on one channel and then on another
    Who was flipping that thing, my sister? My brother?

    Now ESPN! Now NFLN! Now NBC and FOX
    On laptop, on tablet, on DirectTV box!
    To the TV I screamed, it was all quite bizarre
    I get all excited just seeing that star!

    Then Jerry was on, his face nice and stretched,
    He proclaims “we will win”, which isn’t far-fetched.
    His face is all red from his numerous drinks,
    He would certainly benefit from at least forty winks.

    Now Jason was on stating “right kind of guys”
    It’s hard to tell one, are they all in disguise?
    His 3-year plan is now ready to roll,
    It’s on to the playoffs, and then, Super Bowl.

    There are pictures of Tony, throwing pass after pass,
    Dez, Miles and Jason all ready to catch.
    The run game looks better, 4 RB’s have been shelved.
    There’s one more new wrinkle, the package of twelve.

    The OLine looked bad with the end of last season
    The Front office were idiots, should be hung for high treason.
    They replaced 3 of 5, now the unit looks strong
    We just brought in Waters, man did that take too long!

    The defense is upgraded, they look really stout
    New coaches abound, they bring lots of clout.
    The corners and backers are amongst the league’s best
    There is so much talent, I really feel blessed.

    The DLine and safeties are all question marks
    They could be like kittens, they could be like sharks.
    The one thing for certain that all must agree
    An improved defense should bring lots of glee.

    And on to the season, not a moment to spare,
    The off season’s over, time for the Lord’s Prayer.
    We must beat the giants, we must get a win
    Beating the gmen in Dallas, will ol’ Fredd grin.

    The zebra takes center stage, I am breathless and pale,
    The coin has been flipped. “call it, heads or tails”
    Our Superbowl run is now underway,
    Kick that pigskin mightily, let’s begin this fray.

    The “isssk” of my first beer is followed by a second,
    I am going to be drunk by the end of the game, I reckon!
    But I say to all of the CowboyZone masses
    “Let the season begin, lets kick the Giants ******!”
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    Nice job!
  3. boysfanindc

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  4. CxC1993

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    Love it!
  5. CowboyStar88

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    Pretty good!
  6. FiveRings

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    Nothing like a little Cowboys themed parody. Very nice job :)
  7. Richmond Cowboy

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  8. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Kudos my good sir
  9. kojak

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    Awesome Job! Is it sunday yet?
  10. JoeyBoy718

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    Twas the night before kickoff
    And all throughout Dallas
    Fans are getting riled
    Talking trash, acting callous

    The offseason's passed
    We've made a few moves
    Just in time for the Giants
    I'll be damned if we lose

    Today caused some chatter
    When we signed the guard Brian
    Now, JPP's time will end
    And, no, I ain't Mayan

    Bring on the boys from Jersey
    And then we can tangle
    And watch Eli's streak snap
    Worse than Matt Johnson's ankle

    Our offense will be beast
    Now that Romo has freedom
    But Ratliff's on PUP
    I sure hope we don't need 'em

    Garrett's not calling plays
    Now it's his brain versus Coughlin's
    And the way Ware's been playing
    They need 53 coffins

    We spent our 1st on a center
    Top that with a new Free
    And in case you forgot
    The return of the Bruce/Lee

    And if that don't get you pumped
    My grandfather always says,
    "At the end of the day,
    ya' know what?... We got Dez!"
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Soooooooo are you ready for some football?
  12. Fredd

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    thanx all!

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