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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Restructuring Ware would easily be one of the worst moves the team could make.

    You either beg for the pay cut or you cut him. If he's done, he's done. You cut him. If he's not done then you ask him to take a pay cut for 2014 and 2015 and possibly guarantee the 2015 season.

    Cut his base salaries in half and Dallas can keep the guy and he gets 2 years of good earnings. The deal needs to work for Ware.
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  2. LatinMind

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    Im saying that Ware should be open to a paycut. Dallas shouldnt disrespect him with something low. Or just cut him. Unlike you i see it from both sides. I know there isnt a DE in this draft that is better then Ware. But i know this team cant keep him with this salary.
  3. JeffInDC

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    The EASIEST solution to all of this is make him take a pay cut with the ability to recoup his earnings through incentives.
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    Lol, I wonder how many people know what your sig is from?
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  5. LatinMind

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    I can see a scenario like Free's Where he can take a paycut and void the remaining yrs. Reggie white played until 39 but shouldnt have came back for that last yr. played until 37 effectively.and played from 94 on with injury ailments. the great players just play.
  6. Future

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    That's misleading, he wasn't playing as well as those numbers suggest.

    I don't think you can justify paying Ware more than like 6 mil. No way he's going to take that kind of pay cut. It's time to move on.
  7. LatinMind

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    Yes he was. I suggest you go back and look at the first 3 games. He was getting alot of pressure on QBs. Teams werent blocking him and he created a few holding calls because of his passrush.
  8. Doomsday101

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    Jerry wanted WR Roy Williams but that did not save his job.
  9. Common Sense

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    Didn't Marinelli resort to gimmicky motivational tactics after the first or second game to try to get Ware to step it up?
  10. Blackspider214

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    And with this mindset, we will roll around in mediocrity for many years. Like the Patriots do, it's better to let go of someone a year too early than a year too late.

    And how do you know he's better than anyone we can draft? I'd much rather have someone who is around 23 or 24 and tons of upside that we can build around than some guy on the wrong side of 30 that had about 5 different injuries at once last season.

    But that's Dallas. Keep paying old players because they are familiar to us and we fear change and new and younger players.
  11. IrishAnto

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    Why are you hoping he’s cut?

    I hope he takes a pay cut and returns to form like Free did last year.

    If the defense played like it did with Hatcher and Ware, what are they going to be like without them?

    You think a couple of draft picks are going to take up the slack?
  12. bkight13

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    There is also Free Agency. Combine a young draft pick and a vet DE and you can easily replace the production Ware gave us last year for half the cost. Ware has to give back if he really wants to stay. The 12.75m salary is a deal breaker.
  13. CyberB0b

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    Probably not many.
  14. dragon_mikal

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    I guess we're going to have a new Ware thread every day since it's the off-season. Fair enough.

    Ware isn't going anywhere so those of you wasting your breath about wanting him cut need to move on. I doubt he'll take a pay cut but wouldn't be surprised if it ended up happening...

    More than likely he'll be restructured and the front office will monitor how he does this coming season. He has the potential to bounce back in a big way so I'm willing to give him another year.
  15. coult44

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    I love it when you fellas start with "unlike you". C'mon man, don't believe yourself so much that you instantly get that schoolboy defensive whine, when your opinion or stance is questioned. It makes you look kinda goofy when the person your trying to argue with agrees on your position for the most part.

    Lets start with this. Ware has been my favorite player on our team since he was drafted. With that being said, I care about the team more than I care about a guy who has been "great", but his time is up.

    You can't say there are no players in the draft who are better. Ware is not the same as he was even three years ago. He was below average this year. And he's only worth about 1/4 of his salary.

    It's time for him to either take a huge pay cut, or we move on...
  16. Doomsday101

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    I agree. allow him the chance to get some back should he be able to produce as before.
  17. LatinMind

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    Youre not questioning my stance because ive posted on both sides of this topic in multiple threads. I could care less what you or anybody else thinks of my opinions. i post it and thats that. U or nobody else is going to make me think any different. You actually trying to argue something im not opposed to is pointless. If you think im defensive then i dont know what to tell you. Maybe you should read more Ware posts and threads to get somebodys point of view instead of jumping in on a single post.
  18. LatinMind

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    I dont think Dallas will take that approach. Talkin cowboys crew seems to think Dallas will ask Ware to take a paycut, but it wont be the amount people want. I could see Dallas taking the stance to try to get his total cap hit to about 8 or 9 mil. and void the remaining yr, Allowing Ware if he has a big yr to get one last contract. Or he could take a hard stance and Dallas can cut him. I think a restructure is a bad move because Dallas is in the same posistion next yr, but next yr they have Dez, Tyron, Murray and Carter to think about. Having Ware and Romo with cap hits over 20mil would be too much
  19. jnday

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    Ware is not going to put the Cowboys in the Super Bowlnthis next season. Hate to see him go, but his contract is going to hold the team back from signing younger payers that could form the future core of this team.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    If we have to cut him for salary cap reasons, that's one thing. What I'm talking about is that so many people obviously want him cut out of spite, because he's been hurt lately. I'd be very careful about happily kicking a 31-year-old HOF type talent out the door.

    And what young players are we going to sign who are going to form the core of the team? Young free agents who are any good usually cost a fortune. And sometimes, like Brandon Carr,. they aren't even that great. Any young players who form the core of the team are going to come from the draft anyway.
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