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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Being hurt is the reason WHY people want him cut. To quote Marcellus Wallace:

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    So you know that he's going to be hurt in the future? Ok, fine then. If you want him cut because he was hurt last year, that's dumb.
  3. CyberB0b

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    I know few facts:

    1. He has been hurt for 2+ seasons
    2. He starts strong and his production falls off a cliff after a month
    3. He is getting surgery
    4. Injuries don't tend to get better with age

    All you need to do is look at Jay Ratliff for a recent example. Ware has been a warrior and played through a lot of pain for the team, but his production isn't worth the cap hit. I can't say enough good things about Ware on the field and off the field, but it is time for us to move on. It's just business.
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  4. casmith07

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    I think the most likely scenario is that Ware gets an extension that cuts the base salary, spreads out the cap hits, and everybody wins. We get Ware for cheaper per annum, Ware gets the same dollars in the bank, even if he's cut after a season or two.

    It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Look at the Tom Brady contract for an example.
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  5. Corso

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    Good post. I haven't read anyone else suggest that and this is not a bad idea.
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  6. CyberB0b

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    All that does is kick the can down the road. It doesn't help the organization. It makes him nearly impossible to cut in the future.
  7. casmith07

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    You didn't read anything at all in my post.
  8. Little Jr

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  9. casmith07

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    I think it's likely. Sit down with him, chart his progress on when he wants to retire, and then structure the contract in a way that it lines up well with his retirement and our/his financial goals.

    He continues to play, hopefully at a high enough level to help us win, he stays in a Cowboys uniform, his veteran leadership is still present, and everybody is happy. It also won't hurt much if he's replaced and becomes a rotational player as a veteran backup down the line, either.

    These things are very, very far from black and white like Da Zone will lead fans to believe.
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  10. Little Jr

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    I could live with that. Although my understanding of the cap is about the same as my understanding of quantum physics. Whick isn't much lol
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  11. HoustonFrog

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    Sorry, I don't always read every page but my thoughts from the limited reading I did do

    a) like Ware and understand why people don't think we can draft something better BUT

    b) keeping him, IMHO, is the exact thing that gets us killed year after year vs say the Patriots letting go of Richard Seymour, etc. It's funny to read people saying that his injury is a simple one to overcome yet they sight how great he looks UNTIL he gets injured early in the season. Pssssss, come a little closer...its called age. His injuries are more likely to go up, not decrease.

    c) Overall he isn't showing up late in seasons because of b) above so why spread cap money that will keep haunting us if we need a different approach now? Smartly the answer is because people don't trust Jerry's drafting replacement skills but they are no batter than his cap trouble skills and keeping old guys love.
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  12. CyberB0b

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    Too bad it doesn't work like that. If they extend him, they have to guarantee him more money in the future.

    If we lower his base salary, we give him more bonus money, which is guaranteed.
  13. Verdict

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    Ware has been a consistent bright spot on this team when healthy. He hasn't been healthy in a couple of years. Nor has he been dominant. Can he be dominant again in 2014? Possibly. But for him to be worth his salary for this year he would have to be the best player at his position in the NFL and probably set the single season sack record. I think the smart money would bet against that happening.

    Then you have to look at how much salary cap we have available. Ware is eating up cap room that we don't have. This is just a business decision. Both sides should look at it that way. Ware will earn money in Dallas outside of football for endorsements, etc. There is also no state income tax in Texas. Every facet of this situation has to be viewed by both sides.

    The smart move is for Ware to take some form of salary cut, with some upside incentives, and probably couple that with some form of restructure. It is better for Ware as well. He gets to stay in Dallas, and build on the legacy he started when he was first drafted here. Hopefully, he returns to top form, performs well and still gets paid well. That is a win-win scenario.
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  14. Bwareinrings94

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    At best Hatcher may have given Selvie some one on ones but don't you think Selvie would have drawn one on ones anyway? He had good success beating his man. Perhaps you think if Hatcher did not play well they would have doubled Selvie? Please tell me how Hatcher's year made things easy on Selvie? And, what of the person on the other side of Hatcher? Did he also stand out?
  15. LatinMind

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    Because hatcher collapsed the middle. Hatcher played the guard Tackle Gap. That tackle regularly had to check inside before outside leaving selvie with the Te alot. Thats why its called the strong side. Ill take Selvie on a TE 10 out of 10 times. But teams started to wash hatcher inside and what happend to Selvie then? He disappeared because he was 1 on 1 with a tackle. Dont make Selvie out to be a sack specialist. Marinelli put him into some good spots. But when teams adjusted Selvie was nowhere to be found.
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  16. big dog cowboy

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    How is that winning for the Cowboys over just cutting him? You are right we extending Ware but I wouldn't unless there is a major reduction in salary.
  17. casmith07

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    Because Ware can still play, and unless we can see the future we aren't going to have a Super Bowl caliber defense with 4 new starters along the front.
  18. gmoney112

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  19. CyberB0b

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    You can't just tear up the old contract and start over.
  20. bkight13

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    Yes you can. They just have to account for 8.5m in dead money.
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