Twitter Pages for all Draft Picks/UDFAs

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    send them a welcome message if you please.

    Draft Picks:

    Morris Claiborne, CB LSU!/moclaiborne

    Tyrone Crawford, DE Boise State!/tcrawford_40

    Danny Coale, WR Virginia Tech!/dannycoale19

    James Hanna, TE Oklahoma!/jhanna82


    Darrell Scott, RB, South Florida!/darrell3scott

    Lance Dunbar, RB North Texas!/Dunbar_CDB5

    Cole Beasley, WR SMU!/bease11

    Lionel Smith, CB, Texas A&M!/LSmith3

    Troy Woolfork, CB, Michigan!/twoolf29

    Tim Benford, WR, Tennessee Tech!/T_Ford3

    Ron Leary, G, Memphis!/RonLeary75

    Taylor Dever, OT, Notre Dame!/tdever75

    Eddie Whitley, S, Virginia Tech!/Edd1e5_World

    Donavon Kemp, WR, UTEP!/don_kemp84

    Saalim Hakim, WR, Tarleton St!/saalimhakim

    Isaac Madison, CB, Arkansas!/pic6madison

    Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State!/OSU73

    Could not find:

    Kyle Wilber, OLB Wake Forest
    Matt Johnson, SS Eastern Washington
    Caleb McSurdy, ILB Montana
    Tyrone Novikoff, OT, Idaho
    Aston Whiteside, DE, Abilene-Christian
    Andrew Szczerba, TE, Penn State
    Adrian Hamilton, DE, Prairie View A&M
    Jeff Adams, OT, Columbia
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    That's an awesome compilation. I may copy that into the Draft picks thread in the Draft Day Zone, too. That's a nice add.
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    the danny coale one says it is just a fanpage, and hasnt had a tweet since jan 6
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    ^I lol'd at your sig comments, I felt the same way that night...

    Thanks for the list, I don;t think I'll be following every one of them though, that's quite a bit.

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