Two Guys Who Should be of Real Interest to Cowboys..

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sago1, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Took below article off another Cowboys forum cause he discusses 2 players I think could really help the Cowboys; although I still have reservations re Carpenter's ability to get to the QB. Anyway, you will see I had some trouble copying/pasting it off other forum. Sorry about that.
    Writer on other forum said he "Read this tidbit at (sub. required)
    New England Patriots offensive tackles Tom Ashworth (who is a free agent) and Brandon Gorin are interchangeable at right tackle. Ashworth has more versatility as he excelled as a short-yardage fullback and an extra tight end over the second half of the season.

    That sounds like the kind of guy Parcells just might want. The kid is young but experienced and could come at a better price than some of the other tackles with bigger names and more of a reputation.
    From the Patriots website:
    18. Dallas Cowboys: Bobby Carpenter, LB Ohio State
    Bill Parcells loves big, physical linebackers with versatility so he should be drooling over Carpenter. At 255 pounds, Carpenter has the size Parcells seeks in his linebackers and he can play both inside and outside in the 3-4 defense. Carpenter has tremendous speed for his size and is a tackling machine against the run. Dallas has built up their secondary and defensive line over the past couple of seasons and the linebackers are next, especially with Dat Nguyen expected to retire and former second round draft pick Bradie James not playing up to expectations as of yet [ed. note - just ignore this obvious inaccuracy].
    Dallas needs help on the offensive line and at safety but those problems will most likely be taken care of in free agency. Parcells has wanted a big linebacker in Dallas since he arrived and Carpenter has "Cowboys" written all over him. It doesn't hurt that his father, Rob, played for Parcells with the Giants in the early 80s, so It's probable the Cowboys have been following Carpenter closely the past couple of seasons.
    A.J. Hawk gets all the publicity but when you watch the Buckeyes defense, you see Carpenter around the ball almost as often as you see Hawk. There are probably some in the Patriots organization who hope this versatile linebacker slips to them. Other Possibilities: Marcus McNeil, Ko Simpson, Santonio Holmes

    Oh yeah, I like that pick, especially if Chad Greenway is gone. Too bad the writer of the piece didn't watch Bradie James play last year, or he'd know James is now a stud.
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    Again sorry about all that extra junk. I did delete a lot of that stuff, but was unable to delete the rest of it.
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    Didn't realize that Carpenter's dad played for BP. Anyone recall what sort of a player he was?

    Not that I think Carpenter is better than Hawke, but I think Carpenter will fit our scheme much better. I'm also interested in seeing how Hawke measures up in height at the combines. A lot will disagree w/ me, but I think Hawke's height may affect his draft position.
  4. fortdick

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    So that would make him one of Bill's guys? I hope so! This, to me, is our target in the first round.
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    His dad was Rob Carpenter, a running back.

    1981 The acquisition of the second-round draft pick Lawrence Taylor and the running back Rob Carpenter from Houston, lead the Giants to a Wild Card game against the Eagles, where they were victorious by a score of 27-21. The Giants lost in the divisional playoffs to the 49ers and finished the season 9-7.

    Also ... The Giants hold a 72-58-2 edge against the Eagles since they started playing in 1933. Ironically, the teams have met once in the playoffs with New York posting a 27-21 upset in 1981 behind a 161-yard rushing performance by Rob Carpenter
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    He fits the Coach Parcells profile: Tough, versatile and above all, else, comes from a football background. If he were Italian, it would be a complete trifecta.
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    So how far down are you projecting that his stock would drop because of his height? IMO, he won't drop out of the top 10.

    I don't think his game is based on his height. I'm not sure that he'll be an OLB at the pro level though, he could be moved inside by whatever team gets him.
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    I'm not sure exactly how far or if he'll fall at all. All I know is that people are so obsessed w/ numbers these days that it "could" happen. And it happens every year. Someone measures too short ot too light and they fall. They don't run a 40 they were expected to and they could fall. First rd picks are big investments and every detail has to be taken into consideration.
  9. tyke1doe

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    I can hear it now.

    "Laying the WOOD! The Cowboys' Carpenter nails his man again."

    <No gay jokes, please.> :D
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    ...and from New Jersey :hammer:
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    Its been a long time ago but Rob Carpenter was a tough, bruising, roadgrader type of FB as I remember. Pretty much the kind of guy you would of expect BP to have playing FB for him in the '80s.
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    I´ll be very happy if Tom Ashworth and Carpenter wear a star in his helmet next season.
  13. silverbear

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    Rumor has it that Bobby's great-grandaddy changed the family name from Carpenterelli when he moved from the old country... :D
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    I like that pick even if Greenway is there. In the Senior bowl, Greenway was virtually invisible, and looked slow footed at times. He reminded me of Scott Fujita in that he was really big, but always a second late.
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    That would be a great offseason alone in my book.
  16. Da Hammer

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    i've always been saying that Carpenter is way underrated and is almost as good as Hawk. he would fit great here in Dallas next to James and Ware. He just needs to back up his talk as i believe it was him saying that when Vince Young came out of Columbus he wouldn't be a Heisman candidate anymore, LOL.
  17. Manster68

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    If Dallas takes Carpenter, I hope you pro-Carpenter backers are correct over everything you say about him.

    The times I saw Carpenter play, I wasn't all that impressed. Maybe I am blind on this.

    I totally agree that a big, strong inside backer is much needed in Big D. However, I would pass on Carpenter if Manny Lawson was there at #18. I would just love to see his speed in action opposite Demarcus Ware.

    Kai Parham should be available in the 2nd round to fill in the inside backer spot.
  18. fortdick

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    Those would be my main targets. Except Ashworth can't be fraud monitoring!
  19. austintodallas

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    Carpenter = Cowboy. I'll do a freakin backflip!
  20. big dog cowboy

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    Actually I expect him to be there at 18 and I won't be surprised if we pass on him.

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