Two measuring stick games.....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Portland Fanatic, Nov 17, 2005.

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    There are two games this year I think we can measure where we we don't even play in...

    I think the Denver game will be a good game...they are clicking on all cylinders right now, and really are one of the better teams playing now.

    The other game may seem funny, but I think the Hawks against the Colts will be interesting. We played well against the Hawks in their house....I'm really curious of the outcome when they play the Colts. Close good game? Blowout?

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    It will be most likely pretty close game. But probably high scoring game. Both teams Os are good. Colts D is more of a suspect than Seahawks right now. But then Hawks Passing D is better than Run D.

    I think both team Ds have big weakness in Run D. But Colts are vulnerable in Passing D too. DEs are way better on Colts side, hence a edge there for Colts on D.

    All in all, I think Colts are being way overhyped right now. They are not that great of a D team. Offense is obviously going to be good, but not such a way that they are unstoppable, ala like Vikings were when they came close to SB or Denver was during their SB wins.

    For me personally, I think only reason, Cowboys have any weakness is OL first and then QB. Drew always scares me during crunch time, as to which Bledsoe will show up. Contrary to many, I really think Drew Bledsoe's Int and the series following it, where he started holding onto the ball too long, really started cowboys being dominated by Eagles in second half and late first half.

    And thats where I believe Dallas Cowboys can be exploited. Rattle Bledsoe, and he will start doing that. Of course, Manning also falls into similar category, but his is more of, he can be easily frustrated. If all of our three DBs are healthy, and our front 7 ability to control OL ( unless the MNF front 7 shows up), I believe we match up very well to Colts too.
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    I'm one of the believers that Denver is overrated. If we can manage to bottle up the running game, I think our corners match up very well with their receivers. Lelie can get deep, and Smith only goes intermediate to short. The key will be committing to stopping the run. Easier said than done, but we've done it before when it didn't look good for us.
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    No question, Denver is overrated too. Infact, maybe since I haven't watched them much, but really Pathers are the only team that gives me any cause for concern. Their only weakness is that Delhomme hasn't been playing all that great.

    That should be a good game to view the matchup too.

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