Two NFL execs say CB is deepest position

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Jason Verrett | Cornerback
    Team: TCU Horned Frogs

    Two of five NFL executives that spoke with's Daniel Jeremiah believe CB is the deepest position in May's draft.
    "I've seen a lot of good cornerbacks this fall," One exec said. "Guys like (Aaron) Colvin (Oklahoma), (Lamarcus) Joyner (Florida State), (Justin) Gilbert (Oklahoma State) and (Jason) Verrett (TCU) are all really good players. There's also a bunch of talented underclassmen that could come out early." Another executive added, "the cornerback depth is the best I've seen in a while." We would add Virginia Tech senior Kyle Fuller to the list. Oct 30 - 3:19 PM
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    Being Horned Frogs Supporter it has been my pleasure to watch Jason Verrett play like an all American. I have seen every HF game since he arrived on campus either in person or on tv. The kid can tackle and Patterson leaves him on an island 100% of the plays
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    I have a feeling Dallas is going to draft a corner in 3rd or 4th... a lot of people here will be very upset.
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    I'm never upset with a corner that can actually cover. Like pitching in baseball, no such thing as too much.
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    well we'll be picking another one this year. idk if bw webb is a nfl player.
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    He definitely still has some rookie in him the way he slips and slides sometimes when covering.
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    Good to see others recognizing Verrett's talent. The guy is always in the play when he's covering. I first took notice when they went up against LSU. He also looked really good against OU.

    The guy seems to always be battling, which I feel is rare in college ball. There just doesn't seem to be many mental lapses with the kid like there are other college CBs.
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    I would look for a big developmental CB later in the draft. There seem to be a lot of really big WRs these days and more of the receiving type TEs. It would be helpful to develop some taller DBs.

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