Two poor coaching decisions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheSkaven, Nov 5, 2006.

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    I see that the board is ready to roast Terrell Owens for the dropped passes, and he deserves our ire, but why isn't anyone talking about the following two coaching decisions:

    1. The obvious one, going for two points so early in the game. One point cost us the game today.

    2. Kicking the field goal at the end of the first half with 7 ticks left on the clock. That's plenty of time for one more shot. You have to take it.

    Poor coaching decisions, a blocked field goal attempt, two very poor plays from Roy Williams and, oh yeah, a few big dropped passes from TO killed us today. I'm no TO apologist, but let's place the blame where it belongs - everywhere.
  2. gbrittain

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    I think in the case of #2 they did exactly the right thing. In case of #1 that was just plain stupid. Even my wife who watches at most one football game a year said why did they do that...that is stupid.
  3. Dave_in-NC

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    The two point conversion doesn't bother me that much. It was tied at the half.
    I would have kicked the FG also. Why risk an INT and come away with nothing knowing the ball is yours to begin the second half?

    The penalties killed us, bottom line.
  4. TheSkaven

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    Thanks for mentioning the penalties, they were a big factor. But I disagree about going for the field goal; you have to play this game to score touchdowns. There are seven ticks on the clock and you are on the 12 yard line, you take a shot at the end zone. If nothing is there, you throw it out of bounds, but you take a shot. Playing for the field goal is a loser's mentality, IMHO.
  5. The Fonz

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  6. peplaw06

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    The thinking behind taking the 3 is sound... if you end up short or get sacked, you don't get any points. 3>0.

    There's also the possibility that Romo runs around and wastes the time. One thing I haven't seen from Romo once that I recall is throwing the ball away. In fact that's one of the few qualms I have with him.

    The play where he was flushed out of the pocket, and ended up taking an 8 yard sack is sticking out in my mind.
  7. Yeagermeister

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    Plus we were going to get the ball first too start the 2nd half
  8. CanadianCowboysFan

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    If we go for it at the end of the half and somehow don't get the TD, then you would be yapping like EagleFan did after their Tampa game over doing that exact thing.

    The two point play was dumb, but not surprising. Bill did that in Seattle in 2004. That point only cost us the game IF you assume the rest plays out identically to how it did. You have to assume the Redskins don't go for two on the Cooley TD.
  9. CrazyCowboy

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    i STILL don't understand the two pt thing that early.....however, guess if it worked everyone is happy

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