Two things Romo brings

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    There are two things Romo brings. The first is his ability to scramble forward and run for a first down, or just pick up some yards. Madden briefly talked about the importance of this last noght. But less talked about is the second thing Romo brings, and that is his ability to pass for a first down on third and long. With Bledsoe this was a sure blitzing situation, where defenders would come through and Bledsoe could not avoid the rush to find the open receivers. With Romo, he simply side-steps the rush, and hits open receivers down-field. That was HUGE for us last night.

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    the main thing he brings is the much quicker drop back and release...he gets into the throwing area much faster than Bledsoe does...

    he also much more accurate throwing the ball now than Bledsoe is, especially in the short to intermediate area...Bledsoe deservedly got criticism for all the turnovers and sacks, but I would bet his lack of accuracy also played a huge part in his benching...even when he had time he wasnt hitting the open guys enough


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    What he said about the bam and its thrown, remember when we had the 3 second timer in camp, Bledsoe never ever got it, Romo whatever his other shortcomigns gets it, there was only one play where he held it, should have thrown it away he was outside the hash on a rollout, but overall you can just see it play after play how he picks a guy and bam its gone..
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    Truthfully romo survys the whole field. He doesnt look at the rush and he doesnt hold on to the ball for more than 4 seconds.

    Bledsoe last year was much better than this year.

    This year he has reverted to a player that holds on to the ball for 4 to 6 seconds and looks for the big play every time.

    He also doesnt trust his players like romo does.

    Dont forget romo knows terry and witten and julius and just about all those guys for 3 to 4 years. He has been around.
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    That is so true. Bledsoe has digressed from last season for some reason. Last year he made mistakes, but I felt like we had a chance. This year, he just didn't have it.
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    I think the biggest thing the he showed last night was his ability to overcome bad plays. It's been a while since we've had that.

    The quick release is also nice... I didn't see any patting of the ball or staring down of receivers waiting for them to get open. It's just scan.. scan.. scan.. fire...

    He has a good pocket pressence and internal clock to know when to get out of there and get rid of the ball.
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    for me ROMO brings

    EXCITEMENT and EXCITEMENT (in that order)
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    Romo brings confidence to the WHOLE team...I think that has been lacking.
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    He rushed for a couple first downs - haven't seen that since the Quincy era.
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    Romo brings the popcorn.

    He uses TO better than Bledsoe did, but under uses Glenn. The trade off appears to be Witten and Fasano being there in the middle.

    I am not convinced that Romo is the long term answer, but I feel better after last night. He ain't Quincy Carter, that's for sure.
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    Romo was asked at the post game press conference about this and he said "You get open and I'm going to get you the ball, he said he was not looking for 1 particular guy just trying to find the open man" I think Glenn will still get his but main thing for Romo is get the ball to the open man
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    I think this why he is also an excellent golfer. He does not get too high or too low with any one throw.
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    It was nice to see Romo either get the ball out sooner, or avoid the rush (most of the time) and still give us a shot at making the play. Mobility is such an added plus for the QB to have, eh.

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    You mean he uses TO period.:) Drew changed play and took TO out of game.

    Didnt they play 2 safeties over the top? Thats why Glenn was less effective... he will get his... He is NOT a #1... so it makes sense if he gets less catches than TO
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    I was pleasantly surprised to see passes instead of the HB draw.
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    TG still caught 4 passes last night and the Panthers where trying to take away the long ball with the safeties over top

    That is why we ran Owens and Glen into patterns from the RB position to get catches

    That also opened up the middle guys Crayton; Witten and Fasno all caught passes:D

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