Two things Romo can learn from Orton

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 1, 2014.

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    Gamble much :) ?
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    Not true. He made his reads faster, he hiked the ball faster, he ran for a first down, he got rid of the ball quicker, he got the defense to jump offsides 3 FREAKING TIMES, etc. He did many things better. The one area he wasn't better was accuracy. But that is to be expected from a QB that hasn't started since 2011. He timing was a bit off. Watching Orton play got me excited about us having a quality QB in the future. He dang near lead that team to a big upset over the Eagles. Nobody was expecting us to beat the Eagles either. I don't think Romo would have given us the same chance to be honest.
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    There is absolutely nothing that Tony Romo can learn from Kyle Orton. I understand your point about bringing the count down to zero...but like someone else said Romo has more freedom and this is done intentionally. I don't agree with it, but the reason isn't because Tony is disorganized or not communicating effectively. With that being said regardless of who the QB is I would like to see our offense snap the ball with 10-15 secs on the clock more often. That requires quick huddles, no huddles and you dictate the play using pace instead of letting the defensive coverage dictate it. The receivers are already adjusting their routes to coverage anyway.
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    That has been happening with regularity this past season. 3rd and 13...5 yard out to Witten.
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    I agree with #2. Orton absolutely bought at least one first down with the hard count. If I remember correctly, I think Kitna did the same thing his first few games in 2010.

    As for #1, what was different in this game is that our offense didn't finish drives. If Orton had wanted to take some extra time pre-snap, and it had resulted in better reads and more points, fine by me. Probably one of the things that separates a top 10 QB from a backup, anyway.
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    I agree with everything but the last statement and still believe Romo is the better player overall. There is no denying the problems with the play clock cause confusion, especially with younger players. We do not have NE coaching that has all players able to adapt to every variable situation and Romo has to understand this when changing the plays non stop. It does no one any good to audible down to 1sec on the clock when it leads to a crap play or distressed players trying to make a play on the cuff.

    This team needs to seriously look into Romo's replacement however, and take it seriously this go round (Aikman). JJ lucked out that Romo (UDFA) fell into his lap. He never truly replaced Aikman, Payton found him off of general luck tbh.
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    For one game, Romo of course.

    But if you bring salary cap implications, then give me Orton so we can tank and get a real franchise qb again in the draft. I want to move on from this entire old core.
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    The primary difference between Orton and Romo is that Romo has a more vertical passing game. It seemed the majority of passes Orton made were to the RBs and TEs. It wasn't until they saw something in the middle of the field that the WRs even saw any action.

    Anything over 10 yards to a WR was a complete waste of play.

    Overall, I liked the way Orton managed the game, but I don't think he really challenged the defense much either. He was what he was... a really solid backup.
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    Good post! He will always find something to complain and moan about. Smh!!!
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    Orton has nothing of value to offer Romo. If he did, he wouldn't be a BACKUP QB.
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    This thread is about constructive criticism. Slamming the door on your own fingers hurts. Lets discuss how to avoid certain things.
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    ok, lets say we give you both points on this one, what do the coaching staff on the sidelines and later in the film room do about it? I want to find that 'Office Space' clip and put it here because you say Romo been doing it this way for years, but it sure does not seem like our coaching staff notices too much. I mean Garrett mentions it in preseason and training camp as if it is because of the lack of this arm band thing they wear now with all the plays on it iun years past etc... Either they don't know what it is or they don't care. A few games ok, coaches will miss that stuff, but several years? come on... I am not biting

    Orton was not free to make all those pre-snap changeups etc.... If you say well Peyton Manning does it, then I say get Peyton Manning to play QB here or tell Romo to stop it. Coaches give Romo the freedom to do the stuff he does, they don't seem to realize anything is wrong, they do nothing to correct it so why are we saying Romo is the problem again? If Romo cant get a hang of it after several years, then yank that ability from him like they did Orton, but it seems like this coaching staff went the other way before this year in saying they were giving Romo more freedom in audibling dept this year and honestly I think he did better at it this year than years past

    As far as the hard count, that is a skill. Romo is not alone in that department. I think majority of QBs I watched are not good at it.
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    Romo career QBR..........................95.8

    Orton career QBR...........................79.9

    There is a reason one has a $100 million dollar contract and the other one is a backup.
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    those criticizing Romo in this thread somehow try and make it all his fault. IF these were problems then shouldn't a competent QB coach and OC have taken steps to change them?

    Come on romo haters, answer this.
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    No, just people who know what they're talking about, and don't nitpick every little thing they can, just to rip on somebody the don't like.
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    I forgot that I had posted this (from dupree89's "Would you sign up for this?" thread, 5 days before the game)

    "The defense could hold Philly to 24 points, Orton could exceed all expectations, Murray could have 170 yards, and we might still lose because we couldn't finish off drives and then couldn't come from behind."

    Murray didn't do his part, but everything else happened exactly that way.
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    But also I just love sports. The tvs are rarely on anything else.
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    I watch more football than anybody on this board. Please nobody ever challenge any stance on any board arguments. You have been defeated before you type the 1st word.

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    And yet, he's lost his job to Rex Grossman and Tim Tebow, and was let go by the Chiefs, deite not having a QB any better than Matt Cassell. And with all the teams that needed a good starting QB, he didn't even try to get a starting job.

    I really don't know what game you were watching. Orton made some nice throws, no doubt. He also missed on quite a few,and not just the INTs. And he was getting rid of the ball quick, but often he was just hitting the hot route to the TE for 2 yards when wee needed nine.

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